Knesset's Constitution Committee approved the closure for foreigners and the limitations on


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Nov 28, 2021

The Knesset's Constitution Committee is expected to approve the regulations approved by the Corona Cabinet last night. The Corona Cabinet approved the outline proposed by the Prime Minister's Office together with the Ministry of Health, according to which on the night between Sunday and Monday the new restrictions will take effect for two weeks to deal with the entry of the new Omicron variant. After the team of experts presented to the ministers his position, which emphasizes the importance of the vaccine more than ever, the ministers voted to close Israel to foreigners for two weeks. Foreign residents will not be able to land at Ben Gurion Airport.
Israelis returning abroad will have to get used to a graded isolation outline: three days with two PCR tests upon landing in Israel and at the end of the isolation period for the vaccinated and recovering from Corona. The rest will have to be in solitary confinement for a week. They will undergo a PCR test (upon landing and another test on the seventh day of isolation. Vaccinated or recovering isolates who do not complete a second test within three days will have to remain in isolation for a whole week. Upon receipt of a negative response, passengers will be transferred to home isolation until the seventh day subject to further PCR examination.
The decision will be tabled on Sunday for discussion and voting in the Knesset's Constitution Committee.
The ministers also approved the monitoring of the cell phones of people who have been isolated and those infected with the virus in the new strain in order to interrupt the transmission chains, but the move will take effect only after the government approves emergency regulations, while at the same time promoting legislation.
The Prime Minister's Office said that the Ministries of Finance and Tourism will formulate ways to assist the tourism industry accordingly, and that the state will inform all Israelis going abroad that there may be changes in guidelines while you are abroad - and that they will have to take responsibility for compliance.
The outline of the green mark is also tightening in light of the fear of the virus spreading. In closed spaces, the outline will be applied at each gathering of more than 50 participants instead of 100 as is customary today. However, Hanukkah performances will not be restricted but there will be increased enforcement to adhere to the rules.
Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said that "there are things in this variant that we have not seen before," but noted that he does not think that Israelis should be prevented from going abroad. "We must vaccinate as much as possible, this is our main weapon," he said. Who took care of the matter quickly and professionally. " Compared to Bennett and Horowitz, Justice Minister Saar opposes the proposed measures and said he could not support them. According to him, Prof. Ran Blitzer and Prof. Eran Segal also claim that they are too strict. Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman agreed with the restrictions on Ben Gurion Airport, the GSS and the isolation plan - but demanded that they not apply in the coming week.
During the cabinet debate, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz once again asked to exclude new immigrants from the closure of the sky to foreigners. Ganz noted that in the past, the immigrants were transferred to solitary confinement, and this is the way it should be done now. Bennett accepted his request. In addition, at the request of Tourism Minister Yoel Rezbozov, a government decision will be made to compensate guides and inbound tourism organizers, along with assessing the compensation for hotels based on tourists from abroad. And proposed examining compensation for airlines as well.
The Ministry of Health has updated that so far one verifier who has returned from Malawi, who was exposed to the Omicron variant, has been identified in Israel. In addition, there are suspicions of seven more cases, three of which have not been abroad recently.
The Home Front Command has decided to double the teams responsible for absorbing returnees from abroad and transferring them to isolation hotels. The tests at the airport are under further PCR tests, and a dedicated investigative team has been set up to track down the African strain to prevent it from spreading and truncating the infection chain.
According to data from the Ministry of Health, 517 Israelis were diagnosed yesterday and another 116 today as positive for Corona. About 79,000 tests were solved yesterday and the positive rate was 0.65%. Today, about 15,000 additional tests were solved and the positive rate is about 0.75%. The coefficient of infection decreased slightly and stands at 1.07, indicating the spread of the plague.
125 corona patients are hospitalized in hospitals across the country in critical condition. 83% of them are not vaccinated at all. Among patients who have not yet turned 60 - about 92% are not vaccinated. Since the outbreak of the plague, 8,182 corona patients have died in Israel - four of them this week, but the number may be higher due to later updates by the Ministry of Health.
In the vaccine sector, 2,435 Israelis, most of them aged 5 to 11, were vaccinated at midnight. Since Tuesday, 35,789 Israelis have received the first vaccine dose, and since the beginning of the month, the number of vaccinated for the first time has stood at 63,587. At the same time, 494 Israelis were vaccinated with the booster dose and since the beginning of the month, 109,437 Israelis have received the third vaccine dose.



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