5 million people have died so far from corona and virus-related complications worldwide


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Oct 2, 2021

5 million people have died so far from corona and virus-related complications worldwide. This was reported on Saturday by the Reuters news agency, which noted that with the spread of the delta strain, most of the victims are not vaccinated. According to the news agency, the number of victims worldwide stood at 2.5 million after almost a year after the epidemic broke out, and another 2.5 million died within 236 days. According to Reuters, more than half of the deaths are from the US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and India. Last week, Reuters noted that an average of 8,000 deaths were reported per day - that is, five deaths per minute.
Last night, the number of deaths from corona in the United States reached 700,000 people. The last 100,000 died while the vaccines were distributed to every American over the age of 12. In the wake of tens of millions of Americans refusing to be vaccinated and allowing the virus to spread across the country, the death toll has risen to 100,000 in three and a half months.
The state most affected was Florida, where some 17,000 residents have died since mid-June. In Texas, 13,000 patients died. The two states are home to about 15 percent of all U.S. residents - but more than 30 percent of all deaths in the past three months. "It can be assumed that a vaccine would have prevented 90% of recent deaths," he said.
The first death from corona recorded in the US was in early February 2020. Within four months there were 100,000 deaths - and at the height of the plague (late 2020 early 2021) the number rose by another 100,000 in just one month. The total number of the dead was 570,000.
"Five dead per minute": 5 million died from corona worldwide
It took almost a year for the number of victims worldwide to stand at 2.5 million, now the number has doubled in 236 days. With the Delta strain spreading around the world, the Reuters news agency reported that last week an average of 8,000 died a day, and that the majority were not vaccinated. "Vaccination has prevented 90% of deaths in the last three months."
"I remember we crossed the 100,000 dead and people grabbed their heads and said to themselves 'Jesus Christ,'" said Dr. George Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. "We thought to ourselves if we would reach 200,000, but we have already bypassed the number of victims of the flu pandemic in 1918-1919. And it is not over yet."
With the crossing of 600,000 dead in the US - Corona restrictions in the US were lifted in light of the rate of immunization and the drop in the number of dead per day, which averaged about 340 compared to more than 3,000 in January. Not long after, health officials declared the delta an epidemic of the unvaccinated.
Unvaccinated young people and patients flooded hospitals, reporting a dramatic jump in hospitalizations and deaths under the age of 65. The average death toll in the U.S. now stands at about 1,900 a day, and despite the decline in the U.S. health care system earlier this month, fears of winter In closed spaces - the situation will worsen significantly.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 65% ​​of Americans have received at least one vaccine and 56% have received all of the required vaccines. And yet, millions continue to refuse the vaccine for various reasons: whether out of fear, information gaps or political views. Healthcare workers report patients and citizens threatening them and claim the epidemic does not exist at all.



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