3,585 corona patients were diagnosed out of 113,694 tested - Infection rate was 3.15%


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Oct 2, 2021

The Ministry of Health updated on Saturday evening that yesterday 3,585 corona patients were diagnosed out of 113,694 tested, and the positive rate was 3.15%. By midnight, another 1,270 patients had been diagnosed, and a total of 4,770 patients had been diagnosed over the weekend. These are data that are expected to change later in the evening, with further updates regarding the number of patients diagnosed today.
867 corona patients are hospitalized in hospitals across the country, 587 of them in critical condition. 261 of the patients in critical condition are in critical condition, and the number of respirators out of critical patients stands at 207. The number of active patients stands at 44,390, a decrease of 1,299 midnight.

If you normalize the data in relation to 100,000 residents, you get a clear picture of the effectiveness of the vaccine and the gaps between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Today, for every 100,000 people aged 60 and over, there are 164.2 unvaccinated who are hospitalized in critical condition, compared to 30 who did not receive a booster dose and only 3 who received a booster dose. Among those aged 60 and under, for every 100,000 people there are 6.8 unvaccinated, 1.4 vaccinated with two doses and only 0.3 with an impulse dose.
 The number of patients in critical condition has fallen below 600 for the first time in a long time, emphasizing: "These trends, combined with the increase we have begun to see in recent days in the rate of immunization in first and third doses, allow for some optimism. "Will help to understand whether the trend is likely to continue or slow down."
The increase in the rate of vaccinators in the last week is well reflected in the number of vaccinators in the third dose, which tonight stands at 3,464,502 compared to 3,185,582 last Saturday. The number of vaccinated in the first batch stands at 6,126,931 compared to 6,085,670 last week.
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett commented on the decline in the number of critically ill patients and said that "we are at a critical stage, with the reopening of the education system and our intention to end mass isolation and move to a model of extensive testing and isolation for verified only. "And do not show complacency. I call on those who have not yet been vaccinated as required - do it soon. The vaccine saves lives, and the immune depth of the country allows it to remain open and functional."

The number of corona patients hospitalized in critical condition continues to decline and in the afternoon (Friday) the Ministry of Health updated that 586 seriously ill patients are hospitalized. This is the first time since August 17 that there are less than 600 patients in critical condition. By comparison, the number of difficult patients on Thursday last week was 738.
Data from the Ministry of Health show that 422 of the seriously ill patients were not vaccinated, 108 were vaccinated without a booster dose and 37 were also vaccinated with the booster dose. No details were provided for 19 patients. That is, 74% of the severely ill patients are not vaccinated, compared to 6.5% who received the booster dose. Among severe patients who have not yet turned 60, the rate of the unvaccinated stands at 85%.
Data from the Ministry of Health show that no patient in a serious condition received the booster dose, who has not yet turned 40. Between the ages of 12 and 39, there are 49 seriously ill patients - 46 were not vaccinated and three were vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine.
Data from the Ministry of Health also show that 213 seriously ill patients are connected to respirators. Today, three more Corona patients have died and the number of deaths since the outbreak is 7,766. According to the Ministry of Health, 654 corona patients died in the country in September, but the number is expected to rise as the ministry receives late data on deaths.
Meanwhile, even today, thousands of Israelis have been notified that they are positive about the virus. 2,493 people have been diagnosed as vertebrate since midnight - 1,675 of them are not vaccinated, 630 are vaccinated without a booster dose and 111 are vaccinated with a booster dose. About 77 verified people were not told what their immune status was. The data show that only 4.5% of the verified people received the booster dose, even though the rate of vaccination in three doses in the population is approaching 40%.
A total of 69,000 tests have been solved since midnight and the positive rate is 3.7%, a figure slightly higher than the average for the last five days.
Due to the importance of the vaccine and prior to the application of the new green label, 34,946 Israelis arrived at midnight to receive the third dose of vaccine and another 3,759 received the vaccine against Corona for the first time. In September, 131,416 Israelis received the first dose of the vaccine, while 1,129,684 received the booster dose. As of tonight, 3,439,536 Israelis have been vaccinated with the three vaccine doses.
Earlier, in a telephone poll, the government approved the exclusion of Bulgaria, Brazil and Turkey from the list of countries to which flights from Israel are banned due to the Corona virus. The decision will take effect this coming Monday, so there will be no more countries on the "red" list to which entry is prohibited.
The decision means that all those with the green badge, which will be updated on Sunday, will be able to fly to any country in the world. Pilots who do not have their new green daughter will be required to enter full isolation upon their return to Israel.
The police are preparing to change its green daughter, and will focus on enforcement in the red cities, on major events such as football pitches, halls and festivals as well as on appointing Corona loyalists in businesses and event halls that are committed to it. In the first days of enforcement, the police will focus on information and not on distributing reports.
On Friday afternoon, there was a confrontation between government ministers over the obligation to scan the green label in business. Most of the ministers supported this in a telephone poll, but Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, Justice Minister Gideon Saar and Construction and Housing Minister Zeev Elkin objected - and following their demand, the Corona cabinet will hold another discussion on whether the presentation itself will no longer suffice, and the barcode will be scanned. The hearing will take place on Sunday - after the entry of the new green label.



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