Homeland Security Minister Ohana: I am responsible for the disaster but it doesn't mean I'm guilty


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health May 1, 2021

Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana and Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai referred on Saturday for the first time to the catastrophe at Mount Meron, which claimed the lives of 45 people. Ohana, who has come under sharp criticism for his silence since the disaster, said he would stand in front of the cameras when the dead were buried. Responsibility - does not mean guilt. "
"I am responsible - but responsibility does not mean guilt," Ohana wrote on Facebook, referring first to the events in Meron. "Once we finish identifying and burying our dead, I will also appear before the cameras. I will appear and take responsibility. Yes, I am responsible for everything related to the bodies under my responsibility. I am responsible for every car accident. I am responsible for every person who was attacked and the police were not there to save him. "Fire and flammability, and all those who perished from inhaling smoke. I am responsible for every murder case, and get kicked in the stomach when I hear about such.

In the post, Ohana detailed the chain of events in Meron, and shared some of his experiences since the disaster. "I was in Meron at night. I went back there in the morning. And the difference - night and day. At night - joy, and dance, and singing, and prayer, and thanksgiving. During the day - trucks laden with the dead, tears, suffering and indescribable sadness. He then described meetings with attendees at the event. "I heard more stories, and my throat choked."
Ohana later said that he received phone calls from families about the condition of the bodies of the dead at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, and that they worked together with the police to expedite the process to allow funerals to take place before Shabbat.
Referring to the police, Ohana wrote that "the chain of command has done its job," and even praised the performance of Commissioner Saturn and Northern District Commander Shimon Lavi. In crime in the north of the country, and will continue to do so, the Minister of Internal Security wrote.
On Commissioner Saturn, Ohana said that he "checks every day that we do not regret taking on this heavy and challenging task (to my delight, we are not). From the moment he takes office, he spends many nights and implements plans that will march the police to fulfill their missions in the fight against crime and terrorism. I know he will succeed because I see things along the way. "
At the same time, Commissioner Shabtai expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the disaster, saying he would work to clarify his circumstances. I will not remain silent until all the circumstances that led to this disaster have been clarified, "he said." The Israel Police under my command will cooperate fully with any investigator he determines, in full transparency. "

 45 people were killed and more than 100 were injured last night (Thursday to Friday), including 23 in critical condition, at the Toldot Aharon storks' lighting compound on Mount Meron.
Around 3:00 a.m., ambulances finished evacuating all the wounded to hospitals in the northern region, and police subsequently continued their efforts to evacuate all participants from the mountain. Dozens of buses on their way to the scene were turned around, and encountered heavy loads.
A preliminary police investigation revealed that some of the occupants of the place slipped off stairs, creating a "human avalanche", under which the occupants were crushed. Firefighters rescued the trapped, with the help of Air Force helicopters and Unit 669 fighters.
Shimon Lavi, the district commander, said this morning: "A difficult night, a tragic night. I, Shimon Lavi, bear overall responsibility, for better or worse. I am ready for any investigation. We were prepared for all the scenarios, this incident happened. We are in the evidence gathering stage to get to the truth. "They have nothing to do with reality. From what I received, police officers saved lives here at the cost of their lives."
The deaths of 38 of the dead were determined in the field, at the Ziv Hospital in Safed the deaths of six others were determined. 47 casualties were evacuated to Ziv Hospital, 27 to Nahariya, 26 to Poria in Tiberias and seven wounded to Maimonides in Haifa. According to hospital reports, the condition of 23 of the injured is severely defined.
Following the reports of the disaster, some of the cellular systems on the mountain have collapsed, and many people are unable to contact their relatives in the compound. The police updated that they are "aware of the attempts of family members and relatives to try and reach their loved ones who are in the Meron area by cell phone, and clarify that in the entire mountain area there is a cellular reception problem that does not allow for making and receiving calls." The police referred the



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