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by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Mar 24, 2021

The Ministry of Health and the Magen Israel Administration have published an outline for the events of Passover, Ramadan and Easter, and Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Day of Remembrance for the Martyrs of the Israeli Wars and Independence Day in accordance with the gathering regulations and the purple and green standard.
According to the outline, the holiday meals will take place within the limits of the gathering - that is, 20 people indoors or 50 people in the open. In general, there are two options for holding prayers in prayer houses: one is according to the limitations of the congregation, and the other is according to the outline of the green sign - that is, for the vaccinated and recovering only. In this case, prayers are allowed for a much larger number of people in buildings or open spaces.
Municipal ceremonies and events are allowed - both on Memorial Day and Independence Day - only according to the instructions of the gathering or the instructions of the green sign. As part of the green character, there are two options:
1. An event with a high potential for infection - that is, one that has food in it and no seating: in such an event there can be up to 300 people inside or 500 people in an open area.
2. Event with low potential for infection - that is, without food or with seating: depending on the size of the hall or open space, with the maximum number being 5,000 people.
The Memorial Day ceremony at the State Memorial Hall will be held in the presence of up to 200 people who have a green badge, the Yad LaBanim ceremony in Jerusalem will be held in an open space with up to 400 people with a green badge and the Western Wall ceremony will be attended by up to 500 people with a green badge. Entrance to the cemeteries will be unlimited.
At the Western Wall, a Birkat Cohanim will be held next week. According to the outline, prayers in the inner synagogue at the Western Wall will be according to the outline of the green sign, in the inner plaza complexes of up to 50 people will be established and in the outer plaza there will be control over the number of people entering the Western Wall complex.
During the Maimonides holiday, events in private homes will take place within the limits of the gathering. Even in the month of Ramadan and Easter, prayers are allowed in mosques or churches according to the outline of the green sign or the restrictions of the congregation.
The Ministry of Health published on Wednesday) an up-to-date snapshot according to which there are 679 new corona verifications from yesterday, out of 41,443 test results received last night.
At present there are 500 patients with a severe defined condition, 207 respirators, 6,131 in total died from the outbreak of the plague, 5,191,761 vaccinated in the first dose and 4,608,229 vaccinated in the second dose.



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