The Yom Kippur fast will be marked tonight with 5,855 new infections and a lock down


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Sep 27, 2020

The Yom Kippur fast will be marked tonight (Sunday) in the shadow of the general closure imposed by the government in favor of preventing the spread of the corona virus. About 7,000 police officers will take part in the closure enforcement operation during Yom Kippur. Most enforcement in localities where a Jewish majority is expected to focus on city centers and local gatherings on intercity roads. At the same time, the police are expected to deploy roadblocks at entrances and exits from cities and towns.
Apart from that, the essential services will be provided only in the cities of residence and it is forbidden to move between cities. Police are expected to conduct inspections in areas where there is a tendency to congregate every Yom Kippur. "There will be discretion, but if there is no choice - reports will be given, even on Yom Kippur," Deputy Chief of Staff Gilad Bahat, head of the police investigation department, told Ynet. There will be almost no barriers. "
In localities with a non-Jewish majority, the police are expected to enforce differently and set up checkpoints.
In the last week, since the restrictions came into effect about a week and a half ago, the police have randomly located 57 people who violated isolation and left their homes in a vehicle. In some cases, these are even verified corona patients who left their homes and were caught at the checkpoint. At the checkpoint at the Halacha Interchange in Tel Aviv, the police today located two verified Corona patients and another person who violated isolation. The three were fined NIS 5,000 each - and were required to return home.
As part of regulations approved by the government, the police will be able to fine NIS 1,000 for people who do not maintain a distance of at least two meters from another person who is not a member of his family. "There is a fear that there will be gatherings on Yom Kippur," Sen. Bahat clarified. "There is no place we will not enter, but we will also exercise discretion. If we know in advance about the gathering - we will talk to the person in charge in advance. The police have no interest in creating an incident of attacking police officers, it is not wise. "
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also referred to the prayer guidelines and said that he had spoken with the chief rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and Rabbi David Lau. "I want to reinforce what you have said to the public: make sure to keep the rules, wear masks, social distance and pray in an open space as much as possible. Anyone who still enters the synagogue must pay extra attention to the rules of the Ministry of Health," he told them. He added that he appreciated the mobilization of the rabbis to help prevent the spread of the plague. "
Acting Commissioner of Police, Superintendent Moti Cohen, said that "the purpose of the police in the operation is to prevent the spread of the plague in all sectors. On the eve of Yom Kippur is an opportunity to observe the mitzvah between a man and his friend 'and you are saved for your souls'. On the guidelines, understand and listen in favor of maintaining security and health. "
Corona's war commissioner Professor Roni Gamzo posted on his Facebook a request for forgiveness from Israeli citizens for failing to prevent the closure imposed. However he stressed that the prime minister who decided on the closure did so out of genuine concern for the health of the country’s citizens. Gamzo asked for forgiveness from all the citizens whose livelihoods were harmed, noting in particular that he was asking for forgiveness from the ultra-Orthodox public who would have difficulty maintaining their way of life on Yom Kippur and Sukkot.
This morning, the Ministry of Health updated that the number of corona patients in a difficult condition continues to climb - to 749. Yesterday, another 5,855 people were diagnosed with the virus, and the rate of positive tests was 13%. The death toll from the outbreak is 1,450.
There are currently 68,788 active patients in Israel, of whom 1,512 are hospitalized throughout the country - a record number of patients since the outbreak of the plague. 196 of the inpatients are connected to respirators. To date, 229,374 Israelis have been diagnosed with the virus.
According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, prayers may not be held inside synagogues during the general closure, except on Yom Kippur - in a limited manner and according to a special outline. Prayer quorums, according to the decision of the general closure, will only be held in an open area and with the participation of up to 20 people. It will be possible to pray only in minyanim that are within the limit of one kilometer from the place of residence.
During Yom Kippur it will be possible to hold larger prayers, and some even inside the synagogues, according to the special outline. Even during Yom Kippur, it will only be possible to reach prayers that are held within the one-kilometer limit of the place of residence. Open field prayers will be held in regular groups of up to 20 people, with physical distance between the groups. An empty seat should be left between people who do not live together.
Inside synagogues or other buildings, seating will be allowed in complexes in fixed groups of up to 25 or 10 people, depending on the color of the area in the traffic light model. A distance will be maintained between the complexes and partitions will be placed. At the entrance to the building, a sign will be placed with the number of worshipers allowed, the size of the place and the operating rules.
The regulations do not set a limit on individual cycling, and the use of bicycles can be more than a kilometer away from home. However, in the framework of the closure regulations, it is forbidden to leave the house for a distance of more than a kilometer, except in the special cases that are allowed, within the boundaries of the settlement settlement. In the afternoon, public transportation services were discontinued and will resume on a limited basis on the evening of Yom Kippur tomorrow evening between 2000 and 2100. Tomorrow evening, the bus services on the intercity lines will not be renewed, nor will the train operate.




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