10 teenage boys and girls were killed in a flood disaster


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Apr 26, 2018

Ten teenage boys and girls were killed in the flood disaster in Tsafit river in the southern part of Israel' the Negev.
The boys and girls, members of a pre-army preparatory program from central Israel and high school students, were part of a group of 25 travelers. 15 were rescued safely, including a boy and girl of about eighteen who were lightly injured. The two suffer from hypothermia.
Air Force choppers and IAF personnel participated in the dark hours in search of the missing and used thermal means for night vision.
Late at night the body of the girl was discovered at the age of 17. She was transferred to a final identification at the Forensic Medicine Institute in Abu Kabir.
So far, seven of those killed have been released. The body of a seventeen-year-old girl was found this night.
On the trip, the students of the pre-military program "Bnei Zion" in Tel Aviv and high school students who were interested in studying in the preparatory program next year. The director of the preparatory course and two instructors were questioned by the police and an open investigation. The researchers are examining why it was decided to take the trip despite warnings of floods. Unlike schools or youth movements, pre-military preparatory courses are not required to be approved by the Ministry of Education for trips. In this area the responsibility and authority rests with the principals of the preparatory courses.
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel says that the group of travelers who went to Nahal Tzafit did not have to receive a permit from the company's center because this is a private organization. It was reported that the company operates the center as a subcontractor of the Ministry of Education, and only educational institutions require such permits. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) stressed that as early as Monday this week, those who approached the tour centers were warned not to leave for the next few days for fear of floods.
Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the State of Israel grieved for the promising young life that was cut off by the heavy disaster in the Arava. "We embrace the grieving families with grief and pray for the speedy recovery of the injured," Netanyahu said
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog said that he hugged the parents and the families with great pain.



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