Israel Post Company is reaching out to start-ups: to submit proposals for projects


by Ifi Reporter Category:Start Up Nov 28, 2018

The Israel Post Company is calling out to Israeli start-ups to submit proposals for projects in the Israel Post Office in order to create an infrastructure for future advanced solutions in the Company's core areas: online trading, the Postal Bank and retail.
Maya Calderon, VP of Business Innovation and Business Development in Israel, has recently joined the company, and will set up an innovation center for Israeli technological entrepreneurship, which will open in Tel Aviv in the coming months.
The establishment of the Innovation Center and the call to start-ups were approved by the Board of Directors headed by CPA Hezi Zaig, who previously served as the Investment Center of the Ministry of Economy in its previous format as the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The call is the first in a series of business collaborations initiated by Israel Post with industry entities, based on the concept that the mail can serve as a platform for many technological and business developments coming from the business ecosystem in Israel.
The cooperation with start-ups will focus on and support the development of services and products of Israeli technological ventures in areas relevant to the company's future operations, such as online trading, advanced financial services, logistics and intelligent transportation, artificial intelligence, IoT, customer service and experience, queue and demand management, , Blockchain and others.
As part of the program, the Israel Postal Company will offer start-ups, access to the postal infrastructure from Big Data to branches nationwide, access to experts from various fields (marketing, engineering, law, economics, etc.). In addition, accessibility to the network will be given to the network of reciprocal relations with parallel corporations and organizations in Israel and abroad and with various academic bodies.
Start-ups that will be selected will start a pilot with Israel Post, and at the end it will be decided whether to implement the solutions and advance a commercial agreement and / or investment in a start-up.
The field of business development and innovation in Israel Post is a new field in the company,
Which is responsible for locating future growth engines for the Company, developing new products and services, and accompanying and establishing the Innovation Center.
The designated innovation center will operate as a new unit within the company, and its activities will be funded from the company's investment budget with annual investment expected to amount to several million shekels.
Maya Calderon, who will head the Innovation and Business Development Center of the Postal Services, has extensive experience in consulting in Israel and around the world.
In her last position, she worked on the development of innovation programs for government agencies in Asia, and at the same time served as the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the College of Management.
Prior to that, she served as vice president of business development at Electra FM, a subsidiary of Electra, a business development manager at Wix, and as a senior strategy and marketing consultant in New York for companies based in international markets.
Hezi Zaig, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel Post, said, "The call to start-ups is in line with the company's strategy to manufacture and develop accelerated processes, innovative technologies in our core areas: online commerce, post office and retail, And local organizations that have a synergy with the mail.
"We will provide a broad platform and a secure arena for Israeli start-ups
Including consulting and access to the extensive information systems of the mail. It is important that the startups who turn to us learn the mail and its needs, and will be able to explain their solution to the problem, not just their advantage with other companies.
At the same time, we continue to work with mature technology companies with existing solutions for current processes in the Company's fields of activity, and more. "
"Israel Post is the largest logistics and retail agency in Israel with the largest retirement in Israel, with more than 1,200 points of contact with the public and about 50 million visits per year.
The company has many physical and spiritual assets, and thanks to these assets, we will be able to connect the start-up companies to postal companies around the world that are dealing with issues similar to ours.
We will help enterprises grow and transform their products into commercially proven products and beta integration with our professionals, allowing them access to local and international business organizations, including government and public organizations, global online trading platforms, and more with whom we work.
In return, we will be awarded new and unique solutions that will improve the future activity of the mail. "
"We are interested in cooperating with the local high-tech industry and with business potential projects with an emphasis on start-ups who have already developed a prototype for the product," said Maya Calderon, VP of Business Innovation and Business Development in Israel.
The selected start-ups will carry out a pilot with Israel Post and the supporting professional teams, and together they will formulate the business model and the products and services that are relevant to the company's needs. "
Calderon added, "The Israel Postal Authority has a broad understanding of local and international regulation that will allow entities that will join it to cooperate with and expose its business partners, while creating practical experience in the Israeli ecosystem.
We offer technical and business collaboration to selected startups, and a broad platform to create trials and experiences in the core areas of the company, all in favor of promoting the POC of the projects they choose. "
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Moshe Strugano
Moshe Strugano / Apr 18, 2019

Thanks for sharing the information.

Moriah / Dec 17, 2018

I seriously can't believe this! They can't even function as a normal postal service. A friend of mine went out of business because he couldn't deliver his products in a timely or correct manner due to our inferior post. I've had packages returned without even being notified that I received them. I have also had things delivered 6 months after sending. They need to get organized before they start any new ventures.

John Glucker
John Glucker / Dec 14, 2018

I thought the main task of postal service is to deliver letters and parcels within reasonable time. Delays in delivery in Israel have become almost an accepted norm. Last week I received a letted which had been sent to me (in Kfar Saba) from Tel Aviv A MONTH EARLIER. A registered letter I sent from Tel-Aviv took three weeks to reach Natania. Thus we are paying through a disastrous performance of the post office's basic task for some grandiose startups and commercials. I can on as many people as possible at least to register their protest.

Uzi lowenthsl
Uzi lowenthsl / Dec 14, 2018

Suggest that the postal authority in Israel get its own house in order first

Gary Dalin
Gary Dalin / Dec 12, 2018

Going for the moon while miserable at delivery in the final kilometer. The PO has strangled ISRAEL with “letter boxes” of 100 years ago of the Mandate Period. They know nothing about the US format of mail boxes which can accept packages. By converting this hardware, it will save 8.5 million Israelis from being required to spend an hour and travel at a post office. Please have someone at the PO administration call me for a demonstration to prove how it can save the country millions and turn around the entire system of package delivery. The country needs this desperately! 062-238-1414


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