Israel Post and Ali Express deepen cooperation for customers ordered from China during Corona time


by Ifi Reporter Category:Start Up Mar 19, 2020

The Israel Post Company and Ali Express continue to deepen the cooperation, in order to produce continuous service to Ali Express customers in Israel who order parcels from China. In this context, and against the background of the evolving situation, Kainau, Ali Baba's logistics company, in collaboration with the Israel Post, are working together to produce a wide range of flying solutions and shipping of import shipments to Israel, even during this period. The companies, which have signed a long-term cooperation agreement in 2019, continue to strengthen their ties for the benefit of the Israeli public and have been boycotted against the cancellation of flights, a place on a large number of airlines to Israel, with each order approved on the trade site being delivered within the time period specified on the booking date. , By the trading company from which the order is placed. 
 Lukasz Dwulit, Global Expansion Manager for Ali Express in Israel and the Middle East: "Ali Express works actively with Israel Post to ensure a complete and effective solution for all orders to Israel. Since signing our agreement, cooperation with Israel Post has been far beyond logistics, and the postal company Participates in many marketing and sales activities organized by Ali Express. "Among other things, Lucas said," The companies are preparing for the decade of Ali Express celebrations, among other things, through discount days from March 27 to March 31. We know that many in Israel are in isolation and promise to provide significant discounts in all sales categories so that anyone can find what they are asking for. Ali Express wishes good health to everyone in Israel. "
Danny Goldstein, CEO of Israel Post: "Mail is an essential infrastructure in the State of Israel and as such we are in a challenging time, which requires maintaining the health of our customers and employees. In recent weeks, we have been preparing to support the needs of our clients from various sectors, at the level of receiving frontal services at the post offices, picking up packages, continuing business continuity for overseas small and medium business customers and providing a variety of financial services in the postal units, for non-digital customers. Small businesses hand out packages to us, ensuring them a living during this time. "
Israel Post Company was set up in advance to support customer needs and provide continuous service, both in the company's hundreds of branches across the country and through delivery, including the Post Bank services that allow hundreds of thousands of seniors, customers from various sectors and non-digital customers, to continue to receive all the financial services . The company's export and courier systems have also been enhanced and they continue to operate on a regular basis, subject to the Ministry of Health's guidelines. We note that there may be changes in the hours of operation of the branches and delivery points and it is recommended that you check the Company's website and make an appointment in advance before arriving at the postal units. The courier company can be ordered on-site for a fee through the Israel Post courier system or through the Post gett service, which enables the collection of paid packages from the post offices.



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Moshe Strugano
Moshe Strugano / Apr 18, 2019

Thanks for sharing the information.

Moriah / Dec 17, 2018

I seriously can't believe this! They can't even function as a normal postal service. A friend of mine went out of business because he couldn't deliver his products in a timely or correct manner due to our inferior post. I've had packages returned without even being notified that I received them. I have also had things delivered 6 months after sending. They need to get organized before they start any new ventures.

John Glucker
John Glucker / Dec 14, 2018

I thought the main task of postal service is to deliver letters and parcels within reasonable time. Delays in delivery in Israel have become almost an accepted norm. Last week I received a letted which had been sent to me (in Kfar Saba) from Tel Aviv A MONTH EARLIER. A registered letter I sent from Tel-Aviv took three weeks to reach Natania. Thus we are paying through a disastrous performance of the post office's basic task for some grandiose startups and commercials. I can on as many people as possible at least to register their protest.

Uzi lowenthsl
Uzi lowenthsl / Dec 14, 2018

Suggest that the postal authority in Israel get its own house in order first

Gary Dalin
Gary Dalin / Dec 12, 2018

Going for the moon while miserable at delivery in the final kilometer. The PO has strangled ISRAEL with “letter boxes” of 100 years ago of the Mandate Period. They know nothing about the US format of mail boxes which can accept packages. By converting this hardware, it will save 8.5 million Israelis from being required to spend an hour and travel at a post office. Please have someone at the PO administration call me for a demonstration to prove how it can save the country millions and turn around the entire system of package delivery. The country needs this desperately! 062-238-1414


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