Israel Railways renewed train traffic on Sunday - it was stopped due to a "signaling fault"


by Ifi Reporter Category:Real Estate Nov 26, 2022
התרגום ארוך מדי לשמירה

Israel Railways has fixed the signaling fault that affected Israel Railways' ability to operate train service on Saturday evening. Towards midnight, the train technicians managed to fix the signaling fault. The train service between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is back in operation. On Sunday morning, all train lines throughout the country will operate.
Israel Railways canceled train traffic on Saturday night due to a "national signaling fault". The train does not know how the malfunction was caused, and claims that there is no indication of a cyber attack or damage due to the stormy weather at the weekend. There may be disruptions in train traffic in the morning as well.
According to the railway's statement, it was decided not to operate the trains this evening "due to the need to verify the stability of the signaling system for optimal operation tomorrow morning". It was also reported that "during the night, comprehensive tests will be carried out of all the signaling components, both the computerized ones and the ones placed on the tracks".
The signaling fault has not yet been resolved, and Israel Railways officials said this evening (Saturday) that they are preparing for a white night of work and system testing, to allow the train to run tomorrow at 05:00 am as every week. Despite this, it is still not clear if the trains will operate as planned, and an announcement on the matter is expected to come out only towards midnight.
Sunday morning is considered the peak time for train use, among other things because of the use of the lines by soldiers. About 270,000 people use the train every week on Sundays.
Only about two hours after Shabbat, let's remember, Israel Railways announced the signaling malfunction that prevents the trains from running. At first it was reported that the trains would not operate tonight until at least 9:00 p.m., but then it was reported that "the train has decided not to operate the trains this evening due to the need to verify the stability of the signaling system for optimal operation tomorrow morning. During the night, comprehensive tests will be performed of all signaling components, both both the computerized ones and the ones placed on the rails." It was also reported that "free shuttles are activated at most stations and we recommend using alternative public transportation."
 The train says that during the time that passed on Saturday evening, they tried to overcome the problem, and when they saw that it was not possible to do so, they informed the public that train traffic would not be resumed. "Israeli railway engineers are working together with signaling experts from around the world to locate the fault and fix it as soon as possible," it said.
The function of the signaling system is to manage the movement of trains on the tracks and to ensure that the safety of the journey is maintained at all times. It does this by means of computers and traffic management software connected to technical components, located at the side of the track and connected to the train control center. That is, the train can indeed move without the signaling system - but under serious risks.



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