Pelephone Company employees began a strike at noon

Posted on Sep 19, 2019 by Ifi Reporter

Pelephone Company employees began a strike at noon. As of 12:30 no telephone and frontal answer was given at the company's service and sales centers, no equipment was taken out of the logistics center and the activities in the various departments of the company were stopped. The background to the strike, according to the Histadrut: Management's demands to fire employees and close units, and an explosion in negotiations with the workers' representatives.
As part of the warning strike, telephone and front-line answering is not available at all of the company's service and sales centers. In addition, equipment and merchandise will not be expended from the logistics center, including mobile devices sent for repair by the company's customers. In addition, activities in the company's various departments will be stopped, including: information systems, engineering, finance, human resources and marketing. The Histadrut said they were considering taking additional organizational measures.
In a statement from the cellular, Internet and high-tech union in the Histadrut and the company's employees' representatives, it was argued that the background to the strike was an explosion in the Histadrut's negotiations with the management, following management's demands to close units in the company, to dismiss employees and to make further organizational changes unilaterally.
Chairman of the Cellular, Internet and High-Tech Workers Union, Yaki Pioneer, said: "I urge Pelephone's management to begin serious and serious negotiations and to stop unilaterally harming employees." The union's economic adviser and the workers' committee, Prof. Yaron Zelicha, said: "The Pelephone workers committee is a prudent and responsible committee, but in the face of unilateral and irresponsible management's actions there is no escape but to convey a clear and unambiguous message. ".
Pelephone said in response: "Due to employee penalties, some of the service centers will be closed, so waiting times will be longer than usual. Service and sales centers will also be closed and no response will be made to the company's Facebook page and chat service. The company website operates normally and can be operated independently. A variety of personal actions.
"The company does everything it can to minimize customer injury, apologizes to them for unpleasantness, and communicates continuously with all relevant media channels to keep up with developments. The company's management respects employee rights and calls on the workers' committee to show restraint and responsibility to the public."


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