United Airlines Cancels Flights to Israel Until May 2 Amid Security Concerns

Posted on Apr 19, 2024 by Ifi Reporter

In response to ongoing security concerns, United Airlines has announced the cancellation of its daily flight from Newark to Tel Aviv until May 2. The decision reflects the airline's commitment to prioritizing the safety of its passengers and staff amidst the uncertain security situation.

United Airlines spokesperson, Mionetide, stated, "We continue to monitor the situation closely and will make decisions regarding upcoming flights while focusing on the safety of our customers and staff."

United Airlines is not alone in adjusting its flight schedules to Israel. KLM, Swiss, and Air India have also announced cancellations or extensions of flight suspensions due to security reasons. KLM has canceled flights until April 22, Swiss has extended cancellations until April 25, and Air India has suspended operations until April 30.

These decisions follow similar actions by other airlines, including EasyJet and Air Canada. EasyJet has suspended flights to Tel Aviv for the remainder of the summer season until October 27, citing the ongoing and evolving situation in Israel. Meanwhile, Air Canada has announced its postponement of flights until the end of May.

The collective response from airlines underscores the significance of safety considerations in determining flight operations to Israel amidst heightened security tensions. Passengers are advised to stay updated on airline announcements and travel advisories as the situation continues to evolve.


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