CEO of the IT company award will go to Shay Basson CEO of Malam Timm

Posted on Mar 29, 2024 by Ifi Reporter

The awarding ceremony for excellence in the People and Computer IT Awards competition is imminent - it will take place next Thursday at Lago in Rishon Lezion and will celebrate, as every year, the excellence, innovation, and outstanding projects in the high-tech world. But this year the event receives a special emphasis, with the awarding of signals related to the war.
More than 1,300 projects were submitted for the current competition, of which representatives of 90 organizations will receive awards, which initiated, developed, and implemented IT, digital, and innovation projects, which helped the organizations to function better and promote their core business. The winners were examined and selected by a team of dozens of independent judges.
This year a special category was added to the regular categories of the competition: contribution to the community during the war. Therefore, at the ceremony, special certificates of appreciation will be awarded to representatives of organizations whose contribution was especially noted by the judging team and the "People and Computers" system.
The organizations that will receive the special letter are:
Oracle - for supporting a large number of missions and activities since the beginning of the war, including financial contributions and volunteering of dozens of employees, which continues to this day.
Malam Timm - for quickly organizing, as soon as the war broke out, to provide a large amount of computers and tablets to tens of thousands of evacuees from the surrounding area and the south, who remained destitute and needed every possible donation. The computers also included the possibility of connecting to them remotely and interfaces for the small children, to provide them with employment.
Abra - for a special activity of contribution to the community since the beginning of the war: establishing a platform for evacuation and housing for evacuees.
Nes Technologies - for supporting the public-government sector. In addition, with the outbreak of the severe disaster, most of Ness' social work, for all its employees, focused on helping the residents of the combat lines and the IDF. Thus, as part of the Hilan Group, NIS 360,000 was donated, as part of the forum of business leaders in the economy. In addition, many dozens of computers were donated for the benefit of Families from the Gaza Strip, and hundreds of Ness employees went out to help farmers, as part of Command 8 in agriculture, all over the country.
At the event, People and Computers will present an award to the outstanding CEO of the IT company. This year the award will go to Shay Basson, CEO of Malam Timm, who demonstrated excellent results in a challenging year, expanded the company's activities, and supported many customers.
Also, badges of excellence will be awarded to the organizations that submitted the largest number of projects and received the largest number of wins. The competition in this category was closed this year, and the winners will be announced at the ceremony itself. In addition, the champion of champions will be crowned - the organization that received the highest score on behalf of the competition's jury.
In the second part of the event, there will be a ceremony of awarding tokens of appreciation to 20 men and women men and women, selected by a search committee headed by Prof. Gadi Ariav from Tel Aviv University. The signals will be awarded to them for entrepreneurship and digital leadership.
In addition, a shield of honor will be awarded to the family of the Shear HaNegev regional council chief of staff, Omer Tsadikevich, who was murdered on the morning of Black Saturday, October 7, near his home in Gaza City, when he tried to escape and reach the council's headquarters. You will receive the shield at a ceremony at Omar's house, Neta Lee.
Special certificates of appreciation for leading national projects will be awarded to the leaders of the Nimbos National Cloud Project: the Accountant General at the Ministry of Finance, Yali Rotenberg, the head of the National Cyber System, Gabi Portnoy, and the CEO of the National Digital System, Shira Lev Ami.
A special certificate of excellence will be given to Avi Bakshi from Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot.
The ceremony will open with the blessings of Peli the Tiger, an entrepreneur and leader of people and computers, and Nathalie Gabbai, the group's vice president of marketing and events, who will also lead the ceremony. Also, a blessing will be given by attorney Aviv Ilon, chairman of the judges' committee, who has accompanied the competition since its first day. .
The opening lecture will be by Dr. Chek Freilich, former deputy head of the National Security Council and currently a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies INSS.
During the ceremony, between the awarding of the certificates to the representatives of the organizations, the CEOs of the leading IT organizations and the partners of the IT organizations that excelled this year will congratulate the participants.


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