Financial Strain Hits Food Distribution Associations as Holiday Demand Soars - Discrepancy Between Increased Demand and Decreased Donations

Posted on Sep 13, 2023 by Ifi Reporter

In a recent survey conducted by "Value for the Way" among dozens of associations, a stark reality has come to light: 90% of these associations that distribute food have reported a significant decrease in financial income for food donations.

This worrying trend paints a grim picture as the holiday season approaches, with only 10% of organizations stating that the situation remains unchanged compared to previous years.

Simultaneously, the survey's findings indicate a pressing issue: 75% of these associations have noted a substantial increase in the demand for food during the holiday season compared to previous years. This means that, despite a surge in requests for food assistance, these organizations find themselves grappling with dwindling financial resources.

Nava Geisenberg, CEO of 'Erach Lederech,' a non-profit organization dedicated to providing management tools and financial independence to other non-profits, shared her concerns: "This year, I am inundated with requests for food assistance, far surpassing anything I have witnessed in previous years. It's reminiscent of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more families are in desperate need of food assistance just to put a meal on the holiday table. Paradoxically, this surge in demand for assistance is met with a marked decrease in donations. The state bears a responsibility for food security and must respond urgently. Additionally, we hope that other sectors capable of increasing aid will step up. It is disheartening and illogical to imagine families going without during the holiday season, and it places an unnecessary burden on these associations in our reformed country."

The survey results raise critical questions about the capacity of food distribution associations to meet the growing needs of vulnerable families during the holiday season. As the situation intensifies, stakeholders across various sectors are urged to step in and bridge the gap between increased demand and dwindling resources to ensure that no family goes without a holiday meal.


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