Cellcom Expands Fiber Optic Network to Eilat, Establishing Key International Connection

Posted on Sep 10, 2023 by Ifi Reporter

Cellcom has announced the expansion of its fiber optic network into the southern region, extending all the way to Eilat. This ambitious endeavor promises to connect the East to Europe in the West, providing an alternative to the Suez Canal's exclusive role in facilitating communication between these two regions.

The move signifies Cellcom's commitment to becoming a pivotal player in the global fiber market and enhancing connectivity for both local residents and international businesses.

The expansion project will entail the deployment of a state-of-the-art optical network covering an impressive distance of 250 kilometers to reach Eilat, one of Israel's southernmost cities. This extensive infrastructure will serve as a critical conduit for international content providers, cloud services, communication operators, and other entities reliant on robust data transfer capabilities. Israel, with this strategic network in place, is poised to become a central hub for high-speed data transmission.

Moreover, the network will integrate seamlessly with border crossings into Jordan, connecting the region from north to south. This integration will effectively extend Cellcom's existing network, enabling connections to server farms and landing stations across Israel.

The anticipated launch date for this ambitious project is set for the end of the year. In anticipation of this milestone, Cellcom has initiated pre-registration for businesses, organizations, and international companies interested in utilizing this groundbreaking infrastructure.

Daniel Sapir, CEO of Cellcom, expressed his pride in the Eilat fiber deployment project, emphasizing its alignment with the company's growth strategy within the business and fiber sectors. Sapir underscored Cellcom's emergence as a significant player in Israel's fiber market and as a prominent global communications infrastructure provider.

As the project progresses towards completion, it is expected to usher in a new era of connectivity and data transfer capabilities, positioning Cellcom and Israel at the forefront of the international communications landscape.


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