Central Bureau of Statistics: last August there was an increase in the number of vacancies - about 151,154

Posted on Sep 18, 2022 by Ifi Reporter

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) publishes the vacancy survey. According to CBS data, it appears that last August there was an increase in the number of vacancies - about 151,154 vacancies compared to about 150,879 in July. On the other hand, the vacancy rate shows a slight decrease compared to the previous month - 4.89 compared to 4.93 in July.
About 14,000 engineer jobs, including computer, electrical, industrial and management and mechanical engineers are waiting for you outside. Immediately after that, there are approximately 12,000 pending jobs in the field of sales workers (including: sales agents, sales representatives, sales assistants in stores and sellers in stalls and markets).
Also this month, about 11,000 jobs are waiting for waiters and about 10,000 jobs for software developers. At the end of the table, also this month, about 500 network and computer system technician jobs are waiting.
The vacancy survey is the main source of information on the number of vacancies in Israel, and it has been conducted regularly by the Central Bureau of Statistics since 2009. The survey population includes businesses with 5 or more salaried positions.
The monthly estimates of the number of vacancies and the percentage of vacancies are produced as of July 2017 according to a statistical model, therefore comparisons cannot be made with the data in the previous publications. The statistical model was built with the aim of deducting sampling errors arising from the special structure of the survey.


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