Cellcom customers can upgrade their upload speed (Up) if they are company's fiber optic internet customers

Posted on Aug 3, 2022 by Ifi Reporter

Good news for Cellcom's internet customers who need a higher upload speed: you can upgrade your upload speed (Up) if you are the company's fiber optic internet customers. There is no price line here if you are a partner customer with similar packages, for example, because the prices Cellcom presents are similar to the same. Compared to Bezeq, these prices are about 15% lower in the first year and up to 50% more in the following years.
The upload speed in Israel is often ridiculously low compared to the download speed of files from the server. That is, we get a high browsing speed when we download content from the server (for example, watching Netflix), but those who upload content to the network such as photos, YouTube and Tiktok videos, make video calls in Zoom, send files and play network games live - suffer from low speed.
In the past, Unlimited launched its internet infrastructure with symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to gigabytes, but it backtracked and since then the fiber standard has been poor: up to 30 megabytes upload on 300 megabytes download, up to 60 megabytes upload on 600 megabytes download and up to 100 megabytes upload on 1 gigabyte Download.
In May of this year Bezeq and then Partner launched high upload speeds and this was an opportunity for them to increase the price of the existing packages by about NIS 10, using the new packages.
Cellcom now offers a 300 mega package with a 100 mega upgrade (in addition to the 30 x 300 package) that will be sold for 89 shekels per month by joining online (or 99 shekels through a representative) + 25 shekels per month for the router.
The company also charges a one-time installation fee of NIS 360 (or in a spread of 36 payments of NIS 10) for the deployment of a fiber internet infrastructure in a building with more than 5 apartments and NIS 900 (or NIS 10 per month for 36 months) for the deployment of fiber in a detached house ( up to 4 apartments). At giga speeds there are no installation fees, in a shared building. The collection is only if there is no fiber in the building/house. Hence you will pay NIS 124 per month or NIS 139 per month for a 300 x 100 mega package.
A 600 mega package with an upload speed of 100 megabytes (in addition to the "normal" package of 60 megabyte upload), will be sold for 109 shekels per month online (or 119 shekels through a representative) + a router for 25 shekels per month, a total of 134 shekels per month + fees Installation = NIS 144 per month to NIS 159 per month.
A 1 gig package with an upload rate of 250 megabytes (in addition to the existing 100 x 1,000 package), will be sold for 129 shekels per month (or 139 shekels per month through a representative) + a router for 25 shekels per month - a total of 154 shekels per month + installation fees = 164 NIS a month or NIS 179 a month.
As mentioned, they will be sold at the same time as the 300 mega download and 30 mega upload packages; 600 mega download and 60 mega upload and a 1 gig package with up to 100 mega upload for NIS 134 per month (or NIS 144 per month through a representative).
For comparison, at Bezeq, a 600 mega package with a 100 mega upgrade is priced at NIS 129 per month for a year, then NIS 148.9, and after three years: NIS 174.9. This does not include a router at NIS 19.90 per month and an installation cost of NIS 450 (NIS 12.5 times 36 months).
Packages that also include Cellcom TV will cost NIS 214 per month for 600/100 megabytes and NIS 234 per month for 1,000/250 megabytes (not including a sale: first month free of charge or 3 months NIS 109 per month for a gigabyte package only), not including fees installation. This is a difference of NIS 10 between the existing packages with a lower upload speed.


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