Startup Peech announces the completion of a seed round of 8.3 million dollars

Posted on Aug 2, 2022 by Ifi Reporter

The startup company Peech announces the completion of a seed round of 8.3 million dollars, at the same time as the launch of its automatic video editing platform. The platform allows content teams in companies to create branded and professional content videos (Talking head) within seconds, automatically without human intervention. The fundraising round was led by the American venture capital fund Ibex Investors, with the participation of the funds Cardumen Capital, Fresh Fund and other strategic investors including Nas Daily, the serial entrepreneur Ariel Maislos and others.
Peech has developed a platform that helps content teams edit video automatically, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technology. To turn raw videos into professional branded videos, ready for distribution in seconds. The videos that are automatically edited by the machine are based on the visual language of the company, the content of the speaker in the video and the marketing goals of the team. while emphasizing the important messages in the video content and presenting them visually during the video (graphic titles, animated icons, images and more). In addition, the video content management system and the sharing capabilities between team members allow the content teams to create an unlimited amount of videos at a speed never seen before, without dependence on professionals or external tools. The machine even knows how to automatically adapt the final video to different languages ​​in order to reach additional audiences around the world and to different digital channels in order to achieve optimal marketing results.
Video has become a significant pivot in the marketing success of companies, with 9 out of every 10 consumers wanting to see much more authentic videos with informative value, produced by their favorite brands. However, the process of creating video content is particularly challenging for companies - it takes a lot of time, requires a lot of resources and is very expensive, the price ranges from $1,500-$20,000 per minute, depending on the experience level of the teams. Those companies face another challenge - the ability to maintain a constant rate of publishing content, at a sufficient level, and even increase the amount of videos as time goes by. 31% of the companies do not manage to meet the growing demand at all and in the best case manage to post 2-4 videos a month. Peech's platform provides the solution to this limitation and enables content teams for the first time to edit films without limitation, with unimaginable ease, agility and maximum efficiency.
 Peech was established in 2020, by Daniel Dafni, CEO of the company, and Yonathan Amit Kenrick, VP of Technology, the founders founded the company at the beginning of the Corona virus, when the business world went digital and content videos gained momentum more than ever. The two quickly realized that an automatic machine was needed to speed up the video editing process and improve it. Daphne worked for more than a decade as a video creator and editor for the largest companies in Israel, while deeply learning bottlenecks and the problems that the marketing and content teams face every day. Amit-Kenrick, has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in writing code, and in the last decade worked in a wide variety of development roles at Kaltura. The company employs 20 people in Israel. The money raised will allow Peech to further improve its technology and bring to market its unique video editing solution based on artificial intelligence and advanced tools.
 According to Daniel Dafni, CEO of Peech: "We live in an era where the amount of content in the digital space is only increasing and today's consumers demand more from companies - they want informative content with real value and not manipulative sales attempts. Content teams need more than ever to maintain authenticity, honesty and humanity and deliver real content to capture the attention of consumers. Through Peech, which frees the content teams from dependence on professionals, it is possible for the teams for the first time to produce authentic, eye-level and valuable films, right by themselves, while maintaining professionalism, branding and a high visual level, which the company needs to preserve."
 In these days of challenging times, Peech offers assistance to startups, CEOs and marketing people, through Peech Days. A workshop initiative that will take place between August 8-10, in Tel Aviv, and will teach the participants about creating a marketing strategy based on authentic video content, simple to produce. Content production In-house video, about standing in front of a camera, writing short and catchy scripts, setting up a simple studio in the company and automatic editing - without the need for external professionals or additional tools. Registration is open.


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