Armis is leading the fund's $ 300 million investment - A second round of funding in nine months

Posted on Nov 29, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

Israeli cyber company Armis Security today (Monday) officially announced the raising of $ 300 million, led by the Private Equity Fund One Equity Partners (OEP), in cooperation with existing investors. Andrew Dunn, a partner in OEP, will join the company's board of directors.
The fundraiser comes eight months after raising $ 125 million, at a value of $ 2 billion. To date, the company has raised a total of $ 600 million, all of which went into the company's coffers.
Prominent investors in the company include Insight Partners - which will continue to control Armis; Brookfield Tech Partners, the growing investment arm of Brookfield Asset Management; Capital G, Alphabet's Independent Growth Fund; Cyberstarts and Allegro Microsystems, a global chip company.
Armis was founded in 2015, and is managed by two of its founders: Yevgeny Dibrov (CEO) and Nadir Jezreel (CTO). In the past.

The founders say Dibrov and Jezreel: "The round has only closed in recent days. This is our biggest round to date, and it is also an investment that brings us significant customers from its customers, and it happened on the first day of business with it. Blue and white.The money will be used by us for significant acquisitions in the coming year.The local market has many good companies, and we have a great relative advantage here, and we examine companies here.The center of activity will always remain here.
"In the last year we have more than doubled sales, and we will soon exceed the $ 100 million annual revenue. Our goal is to build the right business, and reach an IPO with the right data and numbers. We have seen many examples in the last year of IPOs. "We have to be ready. We have a management team that is ready for this and so are our investors, but we want to feel that all the parameters will be right for the company and meet our forecasts. It is part of our maturity as a company. An IPO is not an exit, but a step for a company to mature."
Jezreeli stressed that "the corona has not changed the human culture of wanting what to do, and it is impossible to celebrate victories. There are many unexpected things. Israel benefits a lot from the situation because the corona has brought Israel closer to zoom talks, allowing Israeli companies to grow frantically and leave centers here. "They managed to learn to deal with the situation. It is not over yet."
Providing an end-to-end solution
Armis protects more than a billion connected devices through a platform that provides full mapping, vulnerability identification and risk management for all assets in a wide range of industries such as computing, enterprise applications, medicine, operational technology, industrial control systems and more.
According to IDC, by 2025 there will be more than 40 billion devices connected to the Internet. Armis provides an end-to-end solution for every possible device.
In the field of health, health organizations are facing significant threats that are only growing. Since the outbreak of the corona was first treated in a hospital in Germany following a cyber attack, a lawsuit has been filed against a hospital in the United States regarding a baby who died following a cyber attack, and Hillel Yaffe Hospital has struggled to this day with the consequences of its severe attack.
The corona has also increased the need for remote diagnosis, treatment and hospitalization - and hospitals are facing the need to secure devices that are not in their physical territory at all, with this need only growing with the acceleration of this trend. This field is considered one of the most successful in Israeli society, which has even offered its help to many hospitals in Israel in the field.
One Equity Partners has completed more than 300 transactions worldwide since 2001. The company manages $ 7 billion in assets. OEP was founded in 2001 and split from JPMorgan in 2015. The company has offices in New York, Chicago, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.


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