"Tipolog" announced the entry of Exponential Investment Company as a strategic partner in the company

Posted on Oct 21, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

Tipolog, the leading company in Israel for managing a clinic in the cloud, announced the entry of Exponential Investment Company as a strategic partner in the company. The company in the first transaction will invest NIS 50 million in Healthcare IT technologies in Israel by acquiring part of the start-up "Typolog" for the management of clinics and clinics in the cloud.
Exponential Capital, which is supported by entities including the Altshuler-Shaham Group, is considering acquiring additional companies in the field of Healthcare IT in Israel, as well as in the additional industries in which it operates, amounting to NIS 50 million.
Exponential Capital has acquired a significant share in Typlog and will even invest an additional amount in it to support the accelerated growth in which Typolog is located. The amount of the purchase and investment was not allowed for publication, but it will buy the company a significant value in the market for software for managing clinics and treatment centers and will allow it to make further purchases in the field in the future.
Yair Ilan, CEO and Founder of Typolog: “Our vision is to offer all physicians and therapists tools that will allow them to focus on therapies rather than the accompanying bureaucracy and paperwork. We offer a tool that also solves all regulatory concerns. We place a strong emphasis on the regulatory requirements in Israel, including compliance with the regulations of the Privacy Protection Authority and the income tax requirements for maintaining a doctor's diary. "
"Our connection with Exponential Capital was immediate. They bring experience in the areas of investment, acquisition and partnership and will help us build a larger and more profitable company. The partnership will provide Tlog with resources for developing the next generation of products, new applications and increasing market share," he added.


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