I.D.F launched Operation of home inpatient system for the treatment of Corona patients

Posted on Sep 17, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

As part of the national effort to eradicate the Corona virus, this week the Medical Corps launched Operation Hand in Hand, which operates a home inpatient system for the treatment of Corona patients.
The array is based on doctors and nurses and nurses from the IDF's regular manpower. The system, which operates with the logistical assistance of the IDF's Technology and Logistics Division, is a collaboration between the Medical Corps, the Ministry of Health and the HMOs. The commander of the mission is Col. Dr. Erez Karp, who also served as commander of Operation Brotherhood, in which the medical corps established corona wards at Rambam.

Dozens of teams were assigned to the mission, each with a doctor, nurse and driver. The staffs will visit the patient's home on a daily basis, providing professional and comprehensive care, being in continuous contact with the patient and the patient's family, and coming for additional visits if necessary.
At the same time, a center staffed by senior military medical and nursing personnel is operated, which enables continuous remote monitoring of patients and a link to the various health funds. The center has branches in each of the IDF's spatial commands, which are responsible for including medical assistance in that geographical area.
The home hospitalization system is currently intended for about 250 patients, and the medical corps is prepared to expand it if necessary. The establishment of the system is expected to alleviate the workload in the hospital wards and strengthen community medicine in Israel in the long term.
The medical staffs are activated gradually and in accordance with demand, as from the beginning of the mission they provided comprehensive medical care to a number of patients from all areas in the country, on the basis of the command medical departments of each of the IDF commands. Among other things, treatment was provided to a man in his 40s from the city of Ashdod and a woman in her 90s from Tirat Carmel, both of whom were admitted after a period of hospitalization.
In the words of the Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Prof. Elon Glazberg: We see ourselves as part of the national health system and feel privileged to assist and provide medical care, as needed. I hope that we will be able to lay the groundwork for an innovative and advanced home hospitalization system in the State of Israel. "


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