Pelephone: in a short time we will cross the 500,000 5th generation lines

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

Pelephone reports today that hundreds of thousands of the company's customers have a 5th generation package, the monthly rate of joining Pelephone's 5th generation packages indicates that in a short time the number will cross the 500,000 line, which constitutes a quarter of the company's customers.
To speed up the pace, Pelephone is launching a new campaign for the 5th generation network, under the message "much faster" starring two of the biggest stars in Israel, Yehuda Levy and Noa Kirl, who are joining forces for the first time.
In the video, the two perform a new and original adaptation of Kirl's hit "Ambulance", which received more than 12 million views on YouTube. To illustrate the speed experience of the 5th generation cell phone, it was created especially for the '5th generation mobile' campaign, an advanced generation of the 5th generation fastest of all.
In the video, Yehuda takes Noa on a journey that demonstrates the speed experience of Pelephone's 5th generation, as they move between realistic and imaginary worlds and perform the hit "Ambulance" in a new and original arrangement: "Order me a 5th generation!".
On the occasion of the launch, the company conducted a survey through the Ipsos Survey Institute in a representative sample of 600 people from the population aged 18 and over. The main findings of the survey:
According to customers, Pelephone leads by a considerable margin compared to competitors in the speed and quality of the 5th generation network. Awareness of Pelephone's 5th generation network is the highest in Israel with over 50% awareness and familiarity with the network. Pelephone customers are more interested in the 5th generation network compared to the general population. More than half of the population in Israel state that they intend to connect to the network in the coming year.


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