Notal Vision has begun a fourth round of funding in the amount of $ 60 million

Posted on Jun 6, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

Notal Vision, a company that develops and provides early detection and home monitoring services for retinal diseases, has begun a fourth round of funding in the amount of $ 60 million. It is estimated that the fundraising was done at a value of $ 160 million before the fundraising, and about half of the fundraising round has already been completed.
Ganot Capital - which owns most of the company's - led the round along with Soleus Capital. Elron and the Evergreen Fund participated in it. The investment will help further the commercial expansion of the company's current service, ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring, for early detection and monitoring of retinal degenerative disease (Wet AMD). During it, new vessels also grow below the center of the retina, and 25% of them penetrate into the retina, bleed, and in a short time cause degeneration and loss of vision in most of the center of vision.
The recruitment will also help Notal Vision accelerate the commercialization of Home OCT technology, which will allow AMD patients in the advanced stages of the disease to perform quick and simple self-monitoring at home and transmit the results to the company's cloud servers. The data will be available for remote viewing by the doctor treating the secure portal, and will be automatically analyzed by NOA - Notal OCT Analyzer - an algorithm based on artificial intelligence and deep learning that indicates suspicious findings and helps the doctor utilize large amounts of information efficiently. These core capabilities of Nutel Vision have enabled the development of the unique algorithm, which also performs automatic analysis of the output of commercial OCT instruments.
The performance of the algorithm was tested in a clinical trial with retinal specialists and found to be equivalent. OCT tests without technicians are performed at home with rapid fixation and self-guidance - critical components, especially for elderly patients, who are often with vision loss.


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