Hackers from Yemen attacked broadcasting channels 10 and 11

Posted on Aug 1, 2018 by Ifi Reporter

The website of the broadcasting corporation "Kan" and the Channel 10 site were targeted by hackers from Yemen. The hackers who took over the site broadcast Arabic intimidation videos in which they appear to be fighters, bombs and wounded at the site of the broadcasting corporation. At the same time, Channel 10 was also hacked.
The Channel 10 News Company reported that the hackers identified as the cyber army of Yemen launched an attack on the channel and replaced the main articles on the website under the title "The Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArmy of Yemen attacked the cyber evil of the Israeli intelligence unit 8200.
Channel 10 reported that hackers who identify with the "cyber army of Yemen" launched a cyber attack on the television channel and replaced the main articles on the site. "The moment we learned about the break-in, the channel's technical staff began an immediate action to restore the situation to its previous state."
Defacing attacks, of the type hit here and Channel 10, do not usually require extensive technical knowledge, and the likely scenario is that unskilled hackers are looking for security breaches on Israeli sites. The fact that these are the sites of two media outlets apparently indicates that the main purpose of the hackers is to obtain publicity, and not to cause actual damage. As far as is known, the attack has nothing to do with Intelligence Unit 8200 or Yemen's military activity. No known cyber activities are more serious, such as stealing personal information from operators or surfers.


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