Partner compensates for the company's huge glitch in TV services

Posted on Jan 12, 2021 by Ifi Reporter

Partner compensates for the company's huge glitch by starting tomorrow (Wednesday) with a free month - long opening of the Big Brother channel, the premium Turkish drama package and the Russian channel package. Customers will also be able to order three free movies from the paid movie library on VOD.
According to the company, this is a benefit worth about NIS 130 per customer, but it is likely that for most customers - only some of this content constitutes an attractive offer. The content order is automatically updated for all customers until February 12 inclusive. Customers who have already subscribed to some or all of the content will not be charged during the benefit period and will not pay for the content.
Meanwhile, Partner announced that it had managed to overcome the significant glitch in the multi-channel TV services it had experienced in the past day. "The glitch in the TV service has been fixed, and can already be viewed properly now," Partner claims. But many customers flooded the company's Facebook page claiming that the TV malfunction had not been fixed.
Some customers even claim an internet glitch. A customer said he was suffering from an internet glitch for a few days. There are dozens of customers on Facebook who claim that their fault is also in the company's Internet service.
The company said, "Especially today, we remember that it is our responsibility to provide a great viewing experience for our customers. Unfortunately in recent days it has not happened as we believe it should happen. Therefore, we decided to provide a significant benefit to all customers. We apologize again, thank you "For patience, and we will continue to work hard to regain your trust. Thank you and sorry."
But it does not reassure customers. Customers also complain about the quality of compensation. A customer claimed: "Give movies I saw a year ago and a selection of almost nothing. Instead give a month at no cost." Another customer claims: "This is a temptation, not a compensation. They want us to be sold to paid channels and content. I do not intend to use it. They will return money for this month."
The glitch at Partner TV apparently started last Thursday and escalated yesterday (Monday) and it can be concluded that it affected hundreds of thousands of customers who were unable to watch TV. The company has a quarter of a million subscribers. The company did not initially report a malfunction to subscribers, but only to those who call the service. It was also claimed that this is a synchronization problem with the converter, which can be easily repaired: remove the converter from the electricity and return it. It's just that the number of complaining customers has been growing and most of them have not been able to solve it in this simple way.
At the same time, the company's customer service collapsed. Customers have uploaded dozens of screenshots to the company's Facebook page indicating gifts of over an hour on the technical service line. The company initially denied that the technical service had collapsed and claimed the loads were caused due to the closure. Later acknowledged the collapse of the technical service.
An industry source claimed that "in recent days there has been a malfunction in Partner TV that they are silencing. When you call the center there is an immediate telephone answer that admits the malfunction, offers customers to disconnect the converter and connect and at the same time says they are doing everything to resolve the malfunction." "Theirs has collapsed. In the last few hours, dozens of customers have uploaded screenshots of unreasonable waiting time (an hour, two hours, etc.). No one answers there." This is a system that was launched three years ago and upgraded about a year ago.
Partner initially responded: "Following customer inquiries we handle loads on the system. This is not an impact on all customers. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience." On Tuesday evening, the CEO called out to Channel 12 studios and apologized from the bottom of his heart for the malfunction that had disrupted the TV service and announced the planned compensation.


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