"we are concerned foreign companies will not be obligated to reciprocal procurement"

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 by Ifi Reporter

The Minister of Economy and Industry met with employees of the Merkavim and Haargaz factories, who expressed concern that the Ministry of Transport would cancel the reciprocal procurement obligation, and that foreign companies that won tenders from government ministries and various authorities would not be required to carry out purchase transactions.
Minister of Economics and Industry Eli Cohen told the workers: "The Ministry of Economy and Industry insists that in any case where public money is given to foreign suppliers and companies for purchasing transactions, these companies will be subject to the same obligation - reciprocal procurement - with Israeli companies. In order to develop the Israeli industry and to encourage foreign investment in the economy. "Reciprocal investment puts a lot of money into the Israeli economy, in exchange for the money that comes out of the purchase, helps the Israeli industry and develops local industries. A decision to cancel the obligation of reciprocal procurement is liable to harm vehicle operations and the box


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