NICE Ceo Barak Eilam: congrats to Rabbi Kanevsky's on the declaration of independence

Posted on Oct 18, 2020 by Ifi Reporter

Rabbi Kanevsky's order that the ultra-Orthodox institutions return to school in violation of the closure guidelines and the outline for leaving it, drew a harsh response from a number of politicians and public figures. This afternoon, they were joined by the CEO of the Israeli high-tech company NICE, Barak Eilam, who has previously spoken on a number of issues of this kind - including the introduction of yeshiva members who were infected in Corona into Israel during the first closure, the prime minister's protest against the high-tech industry and more.
In accordance with the rabbi's guidance, hundreds of Talmud Torah were opened for study throughout the country. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein even threatened to deny budgets from the institutions that opened, when he said tonight that "there is no permit to open any educational institution beyond the age of six. Anyone who does so is subject to heavy fines, perhaps even a license revocation and budget revocation from the institution. "To be surprised and not to complain that the state is allegedly abusing one institution or another."
Eilam is not only angry at Kanevsky's order, but also at the helplessness shown by the Israeli government, according to him, in its dealings with the rabbi. Thus, in a post published today, Eilam wrote: "Congratulations to Rabbi Kanevsky and all his supporters on the successful declaration of independence under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Israel. We continue to transfer taxes in the usual way or there is a new process for the flow of funding. "


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