Verifone Partners with Check Point to Expand Global Reach of Cybersecurity Training Courses


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Aug 29, 2023

In a strategic move that underscores the growing synergy between fintech and cybersecurity, Verifone, a prominent player in the fintech sector, has announced its collaboration with Check Point, a renowned Israeli cybersecurity company. The partnership centers around Verifone's cutting-edge monetization platform, CheckOut2, which Check Point has chosen to market and sell its extensive range of online courses and training modules focused on information security and cyber awareness to organizations worldwide.

The implementation of Verifone's platform is set to yield several benefits for Check Point. By leveraging Verifone's technology, Check Point aims to tap into new global markets, bolstered by its expertise in areas such as payment localization, purchase optimization, tax calculations, billing, and generating receipts and invoices. In addition to these operational advantages, Check Point is set to leverage Verifone's Affiliate Network, a prominent global network for affiliate marketing of digital products. This network will enable Check Point's partners, franchisees, and marketers to promote and sell their cybersecurity courses more effectively.

The heart of the collaboration lies in Verifone's Checkout2 platform, which not only streamlines the sales and marketing process but also offers robust monitoring and reporting capabilities. This functionality promises to equip Check Point with valuable business insights, facilitating the identification of new growth avenues and opportunities within the market.

Check Point's training portfolio encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of courses catering to the corporate sector's growing demand for information security expertise. The courses cover diverse topics, ranging from maintaining security protocols among employees to addressing ransomware threats. Furthermore, Check Point provides training in the optimal utilization of its suite of protection tools, culminating in the issuance of certification certificates bearing the Check Point imprimatur. These certifications enhance the professional standing of information security personnel within the organizations they serve.

The Verifone-Check Point collaboration builds upon a longstanding professional relationship that commenced in 2020. Initial deployment of Verifone's Checkout2 platform enabled Check Point to market its ZoneAlarm protection package to consumers and small businesses. Subsequently, Check Point's Cyberpark division, responsible for game development and cyber challenges, also embraced Verifone's platform to expand its outreach to new global audiences.

Shay Salomon, the Global Director of Cyber Protection and Business Development at Check Point, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "As a prominent entity in the cybersecurity landscape, we sought a leading payment solutions provider with a robust global footprint. Verifone's versatile monetization capabilities and innovative revenue channels will empower us to concentrate on business development and the fostering of innovation."

Verifone, a global fintech giant, has consistently been at the forefront of shaping the commerce and payments landscape. Operating in over 165 countries, the company enjoys the trust of renowned brands, small enterprises, and significant financial institutions alike. With a storied history spanning four decades, Verifone's reputation for innovation and unyielding commitment to security has culminated in its platform's ubiquity. The platform's comprehensive capabilities extend to areas like online commerce trends, further facilitating astute decision-making for businesses.



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