Intel's acquisitions in Israeli amounts to more than $ 40 billion in 10 years


by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Jul 24, 2019

Intel's acquisitions in the Israeli economy amounts to more than $ 40 billion in a decade, according to the 13th corporate report published today by the International Monetary Fund (SDG) The 45th anniversary of Intel Israel, founded in July 1974 by Dov Frohman in Israel.
In its 13th corporate responsibility report, Intel Israel lists a number of new economic and social data, including: an Israeli volunteer record - 6,000 volunteers per year, a 40% increase over last year, 60,000 volunteer hours, an increase of 33% The 5-second initiative, which has been in existence for the past five years, has achieved its goals and doubled the number of graduates of five units of mathematics, while the number of students who took the matriculation exam in 5 units of mathematics increased by 13% Last year, the number of schools participating in the project increased by 85%. A diverse working environment - during the course of 2018 - 800 women were recruited to Intel Israel, of which 90% were for technological positions; Promoting various suppliers - Strengthening Israeli suppliers with purchases of over $ 102 million from various suppliers in Israel (owned by women and minority ownership), an increase of about 36% compared to last year.
This year's report includes a link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including details of how Intel's business activity is part of Israel's effort to support UN goals, including in 2018 as a result of investments in energy efficiency projects 5,400 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
"We bring our innovation to the world of corporate responsibility, initiating and motivating innovative processes that continually upgrade the way we affect the economy, society and the environment in Israel," said Bella Abrahams, Vice President of External Relations at Intel Israel. To our pride, over 6,000 employees volunteered for the community, academia and the environment. We have worked extensively in our communities: Kiryat Gat, Haifa and Jerusalem. We are committed to the goals set by the United Nations for sustainable development, which promote the goals that are relevant to our activities. "
Intel is the only multi-national high-tech company that has spent 13 years in Israel reporting on corporate social responsibility, with more than 12,800 employees creating an indirect workforce of 42,000, and affecting 55,000 households The company's exports totaled about $ 3.9 billion in 2018, about 1% of the GDP of the State of Israel and about 7.5% of the total exports of Israeli high-tech. Intel notes that the cumulative investment in the establishment and upgrading of development and manufacturing centers in Israel over the years amounted to $ 20 billion. Intel also reports that Intel Israel has invested more than $ 350 million in companies and enterprises in the early stages of their lifecycle, and Intel's impact on the success of Israel's high-tech industry is estimated at at least $ 100 million a year.
"Intel is celebrating its 45th anniversary in Israel when Intel's first CEO, Dov Frohman, founded Intel's first activity outside the US in Haifa with five employees," said Intel Israel CEO Yaniv Gerti. Garty added: "Today, 45 years later, Dov Frohman's vision and fundamentals have grown to a company with more than 12,000 employees and a tremendous contribution to Israel and Intel, and we are developing technologies and products at the forefront of global innovation in areas such as computing, communications, artificial intelligence, And advanced manufacturing, Intel Israel is a factor that has a significant impact on the Israeli economy, the technological ecology and the Israeli society, and we offer our employees an inclusive and empowering work environment that includes opportunities for personal and professional growth, diversity, challenge and interest - Economic and social. "
Galit Cohen, senior deputy director of policy and strategy planning at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said during the Ma'aleh Conference, during which the report was launched that "the government indeed led. The preparation of Israel's report on the implementation of the United Nations goals for sustainable development 2030, but the business sector and especially the leading companies in the economy play an equally important role: the new international language, the indices and the data are benchmarks through which to compare performance between countries and companies. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has in the past year taken many steps to encourage environmental innovation, including enabling companies to implement technology that has not yet been proven in the field of pilots, as well as financial support through the Innovation Authority's tracks throughout the development stages of the technology Giat "



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