the Ministry of Economy and Industry announces the winners of the Israeli Industry Leaders' Award


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Apr 13, 2018

On the the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, the Ministry of Economy and Industry announces the winners of the Israeli Industry Leaders' Award. The award was meant to express the appreciation of Israeli society to industry leaders who contributed significantly to the development of Israeli industry in the various industrial sectors and throughout the country, and their efforts to promote and develop the economy, employment and economy
Whose name is Israeli, throughout the country's 70 years.
The awards will be distributed to industry leaders who worked to advance the manufacturing industry in the category of advanced technology or innovation and the industrial sector.
The list of winners was compiled by expert committees including the Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Chairman of the Authority for Innovation, the Director General of the Manufacturers Association, the Director of the Authority for Investment and Development of Industry and Economics, the Director of the Foreign Trade Administration, .
The Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen, noted: "The development of Israeli industry has been a national target since the establishment of the State of Israel, and since then we have come a long way, which has led to the creation of a unique and pioneering industry. The Israeli leaders and leaders took upon themselves the initiative and responsibility to lead the Israeli industry and economy to success, and on their way built the country, created jobs, trained workers and revived the periphery. Israeli industry is one of the foundations of the State of Israel Industrial hygiene - their devotion, their investments and their activities, these fundamentals ingredients that led to the building of the country, to consolidate the industry, employment and the economy, whose name spread far and wide and national pride. That deserve thanks!

Stef Wertheimer founded and managed Iscar for metal processing tools and blades for aviation, until it was sold to Ward Buffet's holding company for $ 6 billion. The giant company began as a small workshop in the yard of Wertheimer's home in Nahariya and engaged in the manufacture of knives and sharpeners. Thanks to vision, vision and innovation in production, Iscar has managed to develop itself as a market leader in its field.
The company base is located in the Tefen Industrial Park, adjacent to the Kfar Vradim community settlement. The industrial park and the community are the product of Wertheimer's initiative and vision to attract a strong population to the periphery by means of a quality residential environment, high quality education and a variety of quality employment places.
Giora Ackerstein The man who "paved Israel", manages and leads Ackerstein Industries for about 60 years. Ackerstein contributed to the development of a magnificent and advanced industry in the field of concrete and building. Three of the most advanced plants in their fields are located in Yeruham, Hatzor Haglilit and Ashdod, employing hundreds of workers and contributing to the fulfillment of Natan Alterman's words, "We will dress you in concrete and cement."
Ackerstein's father founded the first factory in Tel Aviv in the 1930s. Giora joined the project from the age of 14, and since then has contributed to the development of factories and industry and has contributed verbally to the building of the State of Israel.
Dan Propper,  CEO and Chairman of Osem. The father of the bamba, flakes and other food products that have become part of the Israeli language and culture. Osem has led and led the food industry in development, innovation and production standards. The company has 5,000 employees in nine plants, most of them in the periphery of Israel.
As president of the former Manufacturers' Association, Propper has contributed his experience and capabilities to shaping the industry as a whole.
Maxin Fssberg has served as CEO of Intel Israel and as vice president of Intel Worldwide, and is currently responsible for the merger of Intel and Intel, which led to the establishment of Intel plants in Kiryat Gat, one of the largest and most significant investments in Israel in general and in the periphery in particular. In Jerusalem, she joined Intel as an engineer and developer and gradually climbed all the ranks, and Fassberg is a source of inspiration for every employee and works to strengthen the belief that "every soldier's pocket is the Field Marshal's wand." Maxine introduced a unique culture of management, commitment to organization and rapid growth.
Yossi Vardi, serial entrepreneur, leader of the start-up industry. Founded his first company at the age of 26 and since then for almost half a century has initiated more than 85 ventures in a variety of industries. Vardi was behind Mirvillis, who developed ICQ, the world's first instant messaging software. The company's $ 400 million sale in the mid-1990s inspired an entire generation of entrepreneurs, dreamers and developers.
Vardi was born in Israel, and was the first director-general of the Ministry of Energy. Is still a source of inspiration and inspiration behind the nation of the start-up.
Zohar and Yehuda Zisapel, The Zisapel brothers are synonymous with Israeli high tech, founding fathers for dozens of successful companies and inspiration, among others. The RAD Group, under their leadership, was fertile ground for encouraging entrepreneurship and yielded more than 100 different projects. Over the years, the Group has raised and invested approximately $ 1.5 billion, all of which is in industry in Israel. The Group's companies employ more than 3000 employees in Israel.
The Zisapel brothers were born in Tel Aviv to parents who came from Poland, were educated in Israel and invested all their entrepreneurial, technological and philanthropic energies for the benefit of society and the economy in Israel.
Maurice Kahn Established Amdocs, a technology company that develops software and services for customer billing, is considered one of Israel's flagship companies. The company began as a project of "Yellow Pages", another company initiated by Morris.
Maurice Kahan, born in South Africa, immigrated to Israel in 1956 and since then has been involved in initiating, managing and developing a wide range of industries in Israel, including a bicycle factory in Beit Shemesh and the Hatzvi factory to create gloves for women from development towns.
Mr. Kahan is behind 150 business and philanthropic ventures in Israel and around the world whose goal is to develop industry and society in Israel and to present the world's most beautiful Israel.
Sammy Sagol developed Keter Plastic from a small factory in Jaffa to an international conglomerate with 4,000 employees in 30 plants around the world. Innovation in production processes, industrialization of the process, design and innovative concept helped Keter Plastic win world leadership. Violet is the pillar before the Israeli industrial camp regarding innovation and production.

Rim and Imad Yunes are active in the field of equal opportunities in Israeli society and is active in many social organizations.

In 1993, Rim and Imad Yunes founded the Alpha Omega company, which deals in the field of neuroscience, which over the years has become a global company and one of the world's leading companies in the field of neurosurgery. The company's products help brain surgeons navigate their way to a single cell in the brain.

Alpha Omga was one of the first start-ups in the Arab sector and was a source of inspiration for many projects in the sector. The Yunes family contributed to the development of employment in the Arab sector, to encourage quality workplaces and to create a unique and unique value for the Israeli economy.

Shimon Eckhouse is behind the technology-based company Lumenis, based on Eckhouse's invention of powerful light sources for aesthetic treatments. Lumenis is a global market leader with sales of $ 200 million worldwide. The success of the company led to the establishment of dozens of other Israeli companies that helped position Israel as a global leader that controls about 30% of the world market.

Eckhouse was also behind Syneron and behind 25 start-ups in the field of medical equipment. Eckhouse has established a huge medical equipment industry in Israel and has helped millions around the world to be more beautiful.



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