The agreement on the maritime border between Israel and Lebanon was placed in the Knesset


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Oct 12, 2022

The agreement on the demarcation of the northern maritime border between Israel and Lebanon was placed on the Knesset table on Wednesday evening, during the recess. Earlier, the government approved not to vote on the agreement in the Knesset. The cabinet approved the agreement and so did the government. Minister Ayelet Shaked voted against it.
Knesset Speaker Miki Levy and Knesset Secretary Dan Marzok presented the agreement to an empty plenary. "I heard the security officials and learned the details of the dispute and understood the importance and necessity of the agreement. During my diplomatic visit to Paris, I explained to my hosts in the National Assembly and the French Senate the importance of reaching an agreement and warned them of the danger that Hezbollah poses to the region and to Lebanon," Levy said.
"I also made it clear that without the agreement, Israel will flow gas from the shark as soon as it is active, and if Hezbollah tries to damage it, Israel will respond strongly," Levy added. "I am happy that France and the USA helped to reach this important agreement that protects the security and economic interests of the State of Israel."
The members of the Knesset will be able to review the agreement for 14 days and in two weeks the government will approve it in a de facto vote. The approval procedure is expected to end on October 26 - about a week before the Knesset elections.
A smooth division map of the area of ​​a rig, a gas rig, a shark, territorial waters, Israel-Lebanon agreement, info infographic
At the cabinet meeting in the afternoon, the professionals presented the principles of the agreement and its effects in strengthening national security and regional stability. The agreement and the explanatory notes will also be presented to the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. Prime Minister Yair Lapid is expected to summon all the leaders of the opposition parties in order to present them with the agreement, and not just opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.
Earlier, the political-security cabinet also approved the agreement, with all ministers voting in favor except for Shaked, who abstained. The head of the Mossad, Dedi Barnea, said at the cabinet meeting that the agreement is not good for Hezbollah. According to him, Nasrallah was not part of the negotiations on the gas agreement and realizing that there was a large area of ​​agreement, he wanted to use the opportunity to cut a coupon.
Barnea also said that "Nasrallah is in a trap. Throughout the years he did not want Lebanon to sign agreements with Israel because it gives legitimacy to Israel. But when he realized that there is an area of ​​agreement here and the Lebanese public supports the agreement and sees it as something that will improve his difficult situation - he decided to take a ride on it ".



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