Health Ministry investigates suspicion of contamination in milk powder production line at Tnuva


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government May 13, 2022

Is Tnuva's milk drying plant the cause of the salmonella contamination in Strauss? The Ministry of Health is investigating a suspicion of contamination in the milk powder production line at the Tnuva plant, which is used as a raw material for many products on the market, including Strauss products. The powder is used, among other things, for the production of ice cream and sweets. It should be noted that Tnuva is the only one in Israel with a factory for the production of milk powder from raw milk, and is in fact the sole supplier of milk powder to the entire industry.
The Ministry of Health stated: "As part of the investigation of the contamination at Strauss, we are sampling more plants. As part of the tests at the Strauss plant, there was also a sample of Tnuva milk powder that arrived at the Strauss plant. Pollution, so we also sampled bags directly from the Tnuva factory and found one batch with a suspected contamination.
We are therefore investigating a suspicion that there is salmonella in the milk powder production line. There is no danger to public health because in the production of the products thermal treatment is done heating the milk powder and the heating kills the bacteria. So far we have not found salmonella in final products that use Tnuva's milk powder. "
It should be noted that Tnuva knew about the suspicion of contamination in sacks from its produce that had been found in Strauss for several days, and the positive result from the culture in its factory came today. The Ministry of Health explained that no recall has been carried out so far because it is still a suspicion and not a definite result, in contrast to what happened at Strauss. The Ministry of Health said that if they find out for sure that there is an infection in the line, products from other dairies and other factories may also need to be tested, although most products that use milk powder pasteurize it, so the chances of bacterial infection are low.
Regarding the question of whether the Ministry of Health did not conduct sufficient tests to determine whether an infection or suspected salmonella infection was detected in two huge factories, the ministry said: "We discovered infection because of the guidelines and supervision in Israel. "Yes, we issued an inspection report before a report came out on the Kinder case. The conduct of the food service is excellent and we may be able to conduct ourselves better, we are checking ourselves."
At the same time, there was a shortage of the company's 1 liter milk cartons. Tnuva is cleaning one of its production lines, so the shortage has been created. As a result, the demand for milk in the chains increased by 15%. According to retailers, consumers do not encounter a shortage of milk because the company provides alternatives in plastic bottles and 1.5-liter packages. Tnuva stated: "There is no shortage of Tnuva milk. There is a shortage of 1 liter of carton milk on a spot basis due to an increase in demand for the product, which is met through 1.5 liter cartons."
Just yesterday, Strauss announced to the stock exchange that it estimates that following the salmonella incident at Elite's chocolate and candy factories in the Galilee landscape, its net profit for 2022 will be cut by NIS 230-170 million.
The company conducted an proactive collection of all the candy factory products, closed the candy factory and the raw chocolate factory for cleaning after dozens of samples of salmonella-infected products were discovered there that were apparently not made public. The re-production will begin there in about three months or less until the defects found in it are repaired according to the decision of the National Food Service at the Ministry of Health.



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