The right-wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu won a majority of 62 mandate - Meretz is outs


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Nov 2, 2022

According to the election results as of this hour (Wednesday), only 2,459 votes separate the Netanyahu bloc from the Lapid bloc, while the right-wing parties led by the Likud currently win 65 mandates and the other parties only 55. It should be noted that the number is not final, and may change with the counting of the duplicate envelopes.
The small numerical gap between the blocs compared to the apparent gap in the distribution of seats in the Knesset stems from the percentage of obstruction, and from the fact that the right-wing bloc was maximally organized, while the center-left bloc failed to make connections that would maximize the votes.
Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu put heavy pressure on Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir to unite in order to avoid losing votes, and also discussed talks with the representative of the Noam party, Avi Maoz, as well as internal tensions that delayed the arrangement of the technical running of the factions that make up Torah Judaism.
With four parties within a safe distance of the blocking percentage, Prime Minister Yair Lapid, on the other hand, failed in his attempts to bring about a union between Meretz and Labor and avoided interfering in the politics of the Arab parties - which led to the split of the joint list into three parts and the non-signing of excess agreements. In addition, Lapid's big party campaign against Netanyahu significantly eroded the power of the small parties on the left, who lost supporters in favor of Lapid. Officials in the state camp, Meretz and the Labor Party today accused Lapid of mismanaging the bloc that led to the large gap between the number of votes and the actual number of mandates and claim that this is the reason for the defeat.

The polling stations throughout the country were visited by millions of citizens, with the percentage of voting in the elections so far higher than that of the previous elections in 2021 - and the highest since the 1999 elections. Thus, 15.9% voted at 10-00, at 12:00 28.4%, and on the 14 :00 38.9% of those entitled to vote voted. At 4:00 p.m. the turnout was 47.5%, at 6:00 p.m. 57.7%, at 7:00 p.m. 62.5% and at 8:00 p.m. the figure was 66.3%.
Opposition leader and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu voted at the ballot box in Jerusalem. "I'm a little worried, but I hope we end the day with a smile," he told reporters. The Minister of Defense, the chairman of the state camp, Benny Gantz, voted at the ballot box in Rosh Ha'Ain. "These elections are also a wake-up call for democracy. I call on all citizens of the State of Israel to exercise their right to vote respectfully while respecting others. We don't want any more incitement. We don't want any more division. We want more unity, more security, more reconciliation among the people, more ability to accept each other," he said, "I call on everyone to go vote and let us meet in joy and less in elections."
The Minister of the Interior and the chairman of the Jewish Home, Ayelet Shaked, voted at the polling station in Tel Aviv this morning. "From my conversations yesterday with pollsters, the right-wing bloc does not have 61, but 60," she claimed.
According to the television models published this evening (Tuesday), Balad is getting close to passing the percentage of blocking. According to a sample here 11 Balad won 3.1% of the total votes, while according to a sample of News 13 it won 2.75% of the votes. The blocking percentage in the elections to the 25th Knesset stands at 3.25% of the votes.
Balad chairman, Sami Abu Shahada, commented on the results of the samples and said: "Balad, as we said a month and a half ago, will beat the system - and that is what it did." Abu Shahada emphasized that "it is not the sample that determines the results." According to him , "What Balad did in 40 days is a historic event. The victory is that Balad brought back the 'state of all its citizens' project."
Abu Shahada referred to the possibility that his party would eventually pass the blocking percentage, and said that in that case it would consider presenting a candidate on its behalf for the prime ministership. "Those who believe in justice and equality will support Balad's candidate," he said, "there is no such candidate in the Israeli system, there is no one who wants to end the occupation and I do not recommend anyone in the political system."



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