Ashdod municipality will refraine from imposing fines on businesses operating Shabat


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Mar 8, 2018

The Shabbat struggle in Ashdod took a turn. After three weeks in which the municipality refrained from imposing fines on businesses operating on the Sabbath, Ashdod Mayor Yechiel Lasri officially announced that he had decided not to distribute further reports to business owners who would open their businesses on Saturday. However, fine reports will be distributed to business owners who will operate their businesses near the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of the city or near synagogues.

This is a victory for the members of the organization against the city's coercion of business owners. They demanded the preservation of the status quo in the city and led to a protest that included thousands of the city's residents. The Mayor's statement caused great anger among the ultra-Orthodox parties in Ashdod, who demanded that all businesses be shut down on the Sabbath. In his statement, Lasri claimed that the crisis surrounding the Sabbath was due to political considerations and hinted at those responsible for it. The protest organizers are still angry that the amendment to the law that allows businesses to work without fear of receiving reports has not been passed.

The organizers of the protest came to the council meeting and demanded that its members vote on an amendment to the bylaws that would allow the businesses to continue to be opened legally and protected. Before the announcement, the protest organizers, who understood that they would not be allowed to enter the meeting, called on the public to come to the city council meeting tonight and protest when dressed in black.

Attorney Eli Nacht, a social activist and one of the leaders of the protest, explained that the members of the council have not yet bothered to amend the bylaw and have not submitted a version that will be accepted and approved by the city council. The supermarkets law to amend the bylaw, but not only did not propose any outline, and today two months after the passage of the law in the Knesset, none of the members of the Council did not submit any practical proposal and we make headlines in the media.
Attorney Nacht added: "The citizens must take the initiative again and help the council's residents formulate a draft of a bylaw based on the judicial review of the judges of the court. The bill that we drafted and passed on to the council members corrects the working hours and allows them to work with municipal approval, which the secular council members who represent the public



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