The government launched a program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a 3rd time


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jan 29, 2019

The program for projects that promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be launched on Wednesday for the third time, with the cooperation of the Ministries of Economics and Industry, Energy, Environmental Protection and Finance.
As part of the plan, an additional NIS 66 million will be allocated to entrepreneurs, industrialists and local authorities who will choose to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as part of Government Decision 542 ("Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Streamlining Energy Consumption"), At a rate of at least 17% by 2030.
This grant period is the third of the number, and in the years 2017-18 two additional rounds have already been made, in which grants totaling NIS 160 million have been awarded to 190 projects, which are expected to lead to a reduction of 220,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and an annual saving of 300 million Of which 16 projects received an increased grant for the installation of innovative Israeli technologies.
The total grants up to 2020 will amount to NIS 300 million, which are expected to leverage investments in an estimated amount of NIS 1.6 billion for energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
The grants program is operated by the Investment Authority of the Ministry of Economics and Industry, and the applications will be examined by a committee composed of representatives of the ministries, which will select the grantees according to the expected rate of savings. The amount of the grant for an aid application shall be up to 20% of the total cost of each project and shall not exceed NIS 3 million for the total number of applications submitted by the applicant in a calendar year. In addition, for the first commercial installation of new Israeli technology, an additional grant of up to 20% of the cost of the project was granted, and not more than NIS 3 million.
To date, grants have been approved for 190 projects that offer the replacement of old and inefficient technologies in new and economical systems, such as indoor and outdoor lighting systems, installation of advanced control and monitoring systems, building cooling systems, heat pumps and compressed air systems. Priority in the track will be given to businesses and small and medium sized enterprises and to local authorities rated 1-5, with an emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions directly or by saving electricity consumption and encouraging investments that combine innovative Israeli technologies.
Nahum Itzkovich, Director of the Investment Authority in the Ministry of Economy and Industry: "This is an important joint program for a variety of government ministries, which prevent energy efficiency and reduce emissions in an impressive manner. "I call on the heads of local authorities, factory managers and business owners to come and hear the details of the plan and apply to the Ministry of Economy for the grants through the Investment and Development Authority in the Ministry of Economy, which motivates Inter-ministerial cooperation is important, with a multi-disciplinary impact on the Israeli economy. "
Yehezkel Lifshitz, Deputy Director General of Energy and Water Infrastructure at the Ministry of Energy: "The Ministry of Energy encourages and promotes innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency, in order to continue to establish an independent Israeli energy market. The aid track will give enterprises, local authorities and entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop innovative projects in this field, and will help reduce energy expenditure and increase productivity in the economy. In the coming days, the state-guaranteed loan fund will be launched for energy efficiency projects in the amount of billions of shekels. These two tracks will significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help meet the national goal of reducing electricity consumption. Both tracks will give preference to innovative Israeli technologies. "
"Since 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been leading an integrated policy of financial and professional support for energy efficiency, which results in savings of tens of millions of shekels a year in the operating expenses of factories, businesses and local authorities, while at the same time reducing pollution The air. This is an additional NIS 66 million in support, which is added to more than NIS 330 million already approved as grants and readers' votes. In the coming years, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will continue to implement a diverse policy that includes grants, state guarantees, regulation and professional assistance that will lead to prosperity and reduce pollution and morbidity. 



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