IDF Intelligence Chief General Aharon Haliva Announces Retirement Following Gaza Envelope Massacre


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Apr 22, 2024

General Aharon Haliva, head of the IDF Intelligence Division, has announced his retirement from the IDF in the wake of the Gaza Envelope massacre that occurred six months ago. Haliva's resignation comes after widespread criticism of the intelligence failures that led to the death of 1,200 civilians and soldiers on October 7, sparking the outbreak of war.

In his resignation letter to the Chief of Staff, Haliva acknowledged the shortcomings of the intelligence division under his command and called for the establishment of a state investigative committee to thoroughly examine the factors and circumstances behind the tragic events. He emphasized his commitment to continue efforts to defeat Hamas and secure the release of abducted individuals until a replacement is found.

First Top Leader to Step Down

Haliva's retirement marks the first among top security and political leaders to take responsibility for the failures surrounding the Gaza Envelope massacre. His decision may set a precedent for other senior officials in the IDF and potentially the Shin Bet as well.

Political Response

The announcement of Haliva's retirement has garnered reactions from political figures, with the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, describing it as "justified and honorable." Some have called for Prime Minister Netanyahu to follow suit.

Analysis of Intelligence Failure

The intelligence community's failure on October 7 is characterized as colossal, with Haliva taking public responsibility for the lack of warning about the Hamas terrorist attack. Analysts attribute part of the failure to a longstanding policy of divide and rule under Netanyahu's leadership, which prioritized managing Hamas over addressing broader security concerns.

The failure to recognize the strategic shift within Hamas, especially after the "Guardian of the Walls" operation in May 2021, is highlighted as a critical misjudgment that contributed to the intelligence lapse leading up to the Gaza Envelope massacre.



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