Empty Chair Campaign: Mothers of Captive Loved Ones Share Anguish Amidst Holiday Season


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Apr 22, 2024

As the Jewish community prepares to celebrate Passover, a time traditionally marked by joy and freedom, the families of 133 individuals held captive by Hamas in Gaza are grappling with an unimaginable reality. For over six months, these families have endured the agonizing absence of their loved ones, casting a shadow over what should be a festive occasion.

Empty Chair Campaign

In a poignant plea, four mothers whose sons are among the captives have initiated the "Empty Chair Campaign," urging solidarity and empathy from the wider community. Dalit Shativi, Ayelet Samrano, Esther Buchstab, and Galia David, mothers of abducted sons, voiced their pain and desperation, calling on others to symbolically leave an empty chair at their Passover tables to honor the missing.

Empty Chair Campaign

Dalit Shativi, mother of Idan Shativi, expressed her anguish at facing the holiday without her son, emphasizing the impossibility of celebrating freedom while their loved ones remain in captivity.

Political Pleas

Esther Buchstab directed her plea to the country's leaders, questioning the notion of celebrating liberation while their children languish under Hamas's control.

Lishi Miran-Lavia, wife of Amri Miran, highlighted the enduring trauma endured by families, emphasizing that their lives have been frozen since the day of the abductions.

A Painful Reality

The families' statements underscore a painful reality overshadowing what should be a joyous celebration, serving as a stark reminder of the ongoing human cost of unresolved conflicts.

As Passover approaches, these families face an uncertain future, clinging to hope for the safe return of their loved ones, but also grappling with the harsh reality of prolonged separation and trauma.

The plight of these families serves as a sobering reminder of the enduring impact of conflict and the imperative of seeking lasting peace and resolution.



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