State Commission Holds Netanyahu Personally Responsible for Miron Disaster - 45 have been killed


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Mar 6, 2024

In a landmark development, the State Commission of Inquiry into the Miron disaster has issued its final report, holding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally responsible for the tragic events that led to the death of 45 participants in Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's celebration in April 2021. The committee also recommends ceasing the appointment of Amir Ohana as Minister of Internal Security and setting an end date for Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai's term.

The report reveals that Netanyahu was aware of the poor maintenance of the Rashbi's tomb site, which posed a risk to the multitude of visitors, particularly during Lag Ba'omer celebrations. Despite numerous discussions on the matter within his office and government, the committee decided against recommending any specific action against Netanyahu, citing the unique characteristics of the Prime Minister's elected position.

Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai and former Minister of Religious Services Yaakov Avitan were also held personally responsible for their roles in the disaster. While the committee determined that Shabtai's findings would warrant a recommendation for termination, his term was extended due to ongoing circumstances related to the war, leaving the timing of his departure to the government's discretion.

The commission, led by retired judge Deborah Berliner and comprising Major General Shlomo Yanai and former Bnei Brak Mayor Mordechai Karlitz, underscored the responsibility of 18 officials, including Netanyahu, former Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, and retired Police Commander Shimon Lavi, who were warned about the potential risks in August 2022.

Netanyahu, in his testimony before the committee, denied involvement in the Miron issue despite being presented with documents implicating him and his office. Ohana defended his actions, emphasizing the extensive preparations and coordination for the event involving thousands of police officers and ushers.

The report's release may precipitate the termination of Commissioner Shabtai's tenure, although his term extension until June suggests otherwise. The committee's decision regarding Shabtai's continuation in office amid ongoing circumstances remains pivotal.

The government is not legally bound to implement the recommendations, leaving the fate of those implicated in the report subject to further deliberation and decision-making.



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