Families Rally in Tel Aviv Demanding Return of Abductees: "Stop Campaign Against Us"


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Feb 10, 2024

Families of individuals abducted and held in captivity, along with activists advocating for their release, gathered tonight in Hatofim Square in Tel Aviv to demand the return of their loved ones. The rally commenced at 8:00 PM local time, with emotions running high as speakers addressed the crowd.

The event took a poignant turn when four protesters were reportedly arrested on suspicion of blocking Kaplan Street near the Sharona complex in the city. This action, while disruptive, underscored the desperation felt by families seeking the return of their abducted relatives.

The families, including members from the Mozes, Plati-Kazir, Kalderon, Or, Metzger, and Hyman families, staged a blockade on Ayalon Darom near the Peace Interchange, marking the sixth time they have taken such action. Their message was clear: the Israeli government must prioritize the return of the abductees over political considerations.

One speaker at the rally, Sharon Aloni Konio, echoed the sentiment of many when she emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, "The moment of truth - life or death." Nili Margalit, another speaker, warned of the broader implications, asserting, "If the abductees do not return to their homes, every citizen will know that they are next in line."

The frustration with government inaction was palpable among the demonstrators. Hadar Segal, a regular attendee at the Kidnapped Square, expressed his disappointment, saying, "127 days in the captivity of the terrorist organization Hamas, in the most difficult conditions."

As the rally progressed, similar demonstrations unfolded across the country. In Jerusalem, around 2,000 people gathered in front of the president's house, while protesters in Caesarea demonstrated near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence. In Haifa, hundreds marched from the Carmel center to the Horev center, calling for the release of the abductees and the impeachment of the Prime Minister.

The frustration with the government's handling of the situation was vocalized by Danny Elgert, whose brother was among those abducted. He proclaimed, "The abandonment of the abductees is a violation of the basic contract between the state and its citizens."

In response to the growing pressure, the police intervened to disperse the protesters, but the resolve of the families remained unshaken. In a direct appeal to Netanyahu, the families declared, "The time for the abductees is running out."

The rally concluded with a sobering reminder from Lt. Col. Mishna, speaking on behalf of Micha Regev, emphasizing the need for immediate action: "We will return from the battlefields victorious, not before we return all the abductees."

As the families continue their tireless efforts, the nation watches with bated breath, hoping for a resolution to this ongoing ordeal.



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