War in Gaza: Major David Shakuri has been Killed in the northern Gaza strip battles


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Feb 6, 2024

Major David Shakuri, deputy commander of the 601st Battalion in the 401st Brigade of the Combat Engineering Corps, was killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip. Shakuri, a resident of Rehovot, was 30 years old when he died. David was married to Major Dafna Shakuri, also an officer in the IDF who serves at a transportation center. For two, a one-year-old and two-month-old toddler - Yehli. He is also survived by his parents, Sasson and Gabriela, and two brothers. His family is well-known in the Talfiot neighborhood in Jerusalem, where he grew up.
"Just this morning we were still talking on WhatsApp. Yesterday I sent him a message asking if he was cold, and if he had eaten," which Daphne returned this evening in tears with her friends in the military service around her. "This morning I told him I had a difficult morning. I knew he was fighting in Gaza in battles with his battalion. I didn't believe anything bad would happen to him. After a few hours - when I was at the base - I was informed that he had fallen."
"He was the best husband and father in the world. I knew he was in Gaza fighting. At first I was more worried, even though I'm an officer in the army and I know what's going on. David didn't tell me about the war, didn't want to worry me. He just said everything was fine," she said. "He was last at home two weeks ago. He was a tennis coach before the army, and promised that he would turn Yahli into a tennis player."
The two met about six years ago - when Dafna was a triad officer in the regiment in which he served. "David is the most quiet and humble person. No matter what was asked of him, he always responded positively," said Dafna. "His subordinates loved him and adored him. He always took care of them. Everyone loved him so much. It's important to me that they know how humble a person he was, the best heart there is." She wondered: "How will I go on without him? I wrote to him that I miss him, it already hurts."
Since the outbreak of the war, 562 soldiers have been killed, including 225 in the ground maneuver in the Gaza Strip. In addition to them, 1,665 soldiers were injured, and now 93 are hospitalized in a mild condition, 236 in a moderate condition and 25 in a serious condition.
Last Sunday, the name of Major General Shimon Yehoshua Assolin, 24 years old from Beit Shemesh, who was killed in battle in the southern Gaza Strip, was released. Assolin's relatives said that he left Gaza a month and a half ago - but asked to return and did not give up until he returned to fight. "Shimon was the first force that went in to clean houses. In one of the houses that was apparently important to Hamas, Shimon began to fight together with the quartet he was with. He and his duo reached the second floor and on the stairs Shimon engaged in a fight, and was apparently killed by a gunshot on the spot," they said.
On January 31, the IDF announced the death of Major (ret.) Yitzhar Hoffman, 36 years old from Ashar in the Meshgav Regional Council in the Galilee, who was killed in an encounter near Shati in the northern Gaza Strip. Hoffman, a revered platoon commander in the Sheldag unit, fought on October 7 in Kibbutz Bari, which was infiltrated by dozens of Hamas terrorists, and was one of the heroes who helped free it. Two months ago, Hoffman, one of the leaders of the operation at the Shifa Hospital at the beginning of the maneuver in the Gaza Strip, was injured, and returned to fight even before he had fully recovered.



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