US Begins Airdrops of Food Aid to Gaza Strip utilizing transport planes to deliver 66 shipments


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Mar 2, 2024

The United States began airdropping food aid to the Gaza Strip on Saturday, utilizing three C-130 transport planes to deliver 66 shipments, including over 38,000 prepared meals. This initial airdrop did not include water or medical equipment.
A joint statement from the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and the Jordanian Air Force confirmed the operation, with drops landing on the Gaza Strip's shores.
US President Joe Biden emphasized the urgency, stating that "the amount of humanitarian aid entering Gaza is not enough," and called for an immediate ceasefire to facilitate further aid efforts.
White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated US discussions with Israel, who "supports the American plan," and ongoing efforts to open a maritime corridor for additional deliveries.
Previous Truck Delivery Attempt Ends in Tragedy:
This airdrop follows a failed attempt to deliver aid via trucks to the northern Gaza Strip under Israeli supervision. A tragic incident resulted in the deaths of at least 116 people, according to Gaza medical personnel.
The US condemned the incident, prompting a shift to airdrops as an alternative.
Global Community Responds:

Several countries besides the US have also provided humanitarian aid to Gaza, including Jordan, Egypt, and France.
French Foreign Minister Stéphane Segorna has criticized Israel's role in hindering previous aid deliveries, stating that "the responsibility for preventing the arrival of aid is Israeli."
The UN estimates that approximately 25% of Gaza's population, or over 576,000 people, face the threat of starvation due to the ongoing conflict.
The UN further reports that Gazans are resorting to consuming animal feed, with children suffering from malnutrition and dehydration.

The Palestinians claimed more than 100 dead in an attack on Gazans who were waiting for humanitarian aid in Gaza City Thursday and are already calling it the "Rashid Massacre", after the street where the incident happened. However, according to a preliminary investigation by the IDF, most of the dead in the incident died early in the morning as a result of being crushed or run over by the drivers of the aid trucks, after they attacked them. The IDF says that a violent gathering of residents around the trucks led to dozens of victims from being crushed and run over.
According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, the number of victims has already reached 104 dead, alongside about 700 wounded. According to eyewitnesses who spoke to CNN, the truck drivers tried to flee the area and accidentally ran over Palestinians who were there. The IDF's initial investigation also indicates that most of the aforementioned victims died as a result of being crushed or trampled. The details of the investigation indicate that the incident occurred early in the morning, during a humanitarian operation to bring aid into the northern Gaza Strip, a task that is considered more complex than distributing aid in the southern Gaza Strip.
About 30 trucks were put into the beach drain in Proizdor Netzer, after arriving from Kerem Shalom and Marfih. The incident took place around 04:00, when the trucks were on their way to IDP shelters near the anchorage and Brimal. As the trucks passed through Bankez, thousands of Palestinians came from the north and attacked the trucks. Some of them even vandalized the trucks and ripped their tires.
The investigation shows that dozens were killed as a result of the stampede, also from being run over by the truck drivers. Some of the trucks managed to travel north, but then a report was received from the coordinator of government operations in the territories that Palestinian gunmen shot at the trucks near a shelter in Sheikh Ejlin. Bankez himself was an IDF security force and part of the crowd that attacked the last truck moved towards a group of fighters with a tank and at a range of tens of meters the commander of the force sensed danger, shot into the air as a warning and then shot near the Palestinians and at their feet.
In "Al Arabiya" it was reported that following the "massacre" Hamas is threatening to end negotiations for a hostage deal. In an official statement on behalf of the organization, it was stated: "The negotiations are not an open process at the expense of the blood of our people, and the enemy will bear the consequences of the failure of the talks as long as he continues his crimes against our people."
The IDF said as mentioned that during the early morning delivery of humanitarian aid trucks to the northern Gaza Strip, a violent gathering of Gazan residents developed around the trucks, who looted the equipment that arrived. During the gathering, dozens of Gazans were injured as a result of being crushed and trampled.
Military sources said that part of the crowd approached the IDF force whose role was to allow the transfer of the trucks as part of a humanitarian operation to transfer the aid. The crowd approached in a way that endangered the forces, who responded by shooting - and the IDF began to investigate the incident.
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry described the "ugly massacre", in its own words, as "an integral part of the genocidal war carried out by the occupation government against the Palestinians". A member of the political bureau of Hamas, Izzat al-Rishek, said that "today's massacre is a cruel and heinous crime, unprecedented in the history of war crimes."
Petah also commented on the "bloody massacre", while ignoring the evidence from the field, and claimed that it was a "stain that will not be erased from the terrorist occupation system".
Another eyewitness said that the incident happened in Nabulsi Square, where many Palestinians rushed in "pursuit of the little aid that has reached their area" since the beginning of the war. In a conversation with media in France, he claimed: "The trucks full of aid approached some IDF tanks that were in the area, and the crowds rushed towards



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