Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed gratitude to President Biden for supporting the negotiations


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Nov 22, 2023

In a press conference held less than 24 hours after the Israeli government's approval of a deal for the return of abducted individuals, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Galant, and Minister Benny Gantz outlined the details of the agreement. Under the terms, at least 50 minor abductees, mothers, and elderly women will be released in exchange for a four-day pause in the fighting and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Netanyahu began by addressing the families of the abductees, expressing empathy for their ordeal and assuring them of the government's continuous efforts. He highlighted the explicit goals of the war, including the elimination of Hamas, the release of abductees, and ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel after Hamas.

The Prime Minister credited two major efforts for paving the way for the current deal. The first being the massive military pressure exerted on Hamas, acknowledging the efforts of the IDF and Shin Bet. The second effort involved political pressure to secure the release of abductees, with Netanyahu expressing gratitude to President Biden for supporting the negotiations.

The outlined deal does not include the release of murderers and allows the Red Cross to visit the abductees and provide necessary medicines. Netanyahu addressed skepticism about the Red Cross involvement, emphasizing the explicit clause allowing their access.

Netanyahu acknowledged the difficulty of decisions faced as Prime Minister and stressed the moral obligation to fulfill the mitzvah of ransoming captives. He assured the public that the security of Israeli forces during the ceasefire would be guaranteed, and intelligence efforts would be maintained.

Despite the temporary truce, Netanyahu made it clear that the war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip would be renewed immediately after, continuing until the collapse of Hamas' rule and military capabilities. He concluded by affirming that the war would persist until all goals are achieved, ensuring the safety of abductees, the elimination of Hamas, and the prevention of any party supporting terrorism from ruling Gaza.



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