Israeli Soldier Rescued from Hamas Captivity as IDF Increases Ground Operations in the Gaza strip


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Oct 31, 2023

In a daring ground operation on Monday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) successfully rescued female soldier Uri Magidish, who had been kidnapped by Hamas in a raid on the Otaf region on October 7. Magidish, an observer stationed at the Nahal Oz base along the Gaza border, was found in good condition, and no IDF forces were injured during the rescue.

The operation was led by the Shin Bet's operational unit, with support from the IDF. Both the head of the Shin Bet and the Chief of Staff were present in the command room. Magidish was found alone, with no other abductees in her vicinity.

This successful rescue operation has raised hopes for further deals to secure the release of additional abductees. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his congratulations to the security agencies, emphasizing Israel's commitment to securing the release of all captives. Defense Minister Yoav Galant praised the effectiveness of ground operations in achieving such outcomes.

Hamas had previously released a video featuring three other abductees, Yelena Trupanov, Daniel Aloni, and Ramon Buchstab, who made an emotional plea to Prime Minister Netanyahu for their release. Trupanov was abducted from her kibbutz residence, where her husband was tragically murdered. Aloni and her daughter were taken while visiting relatives in the same kibbutz, and Buchstab was kidnapped from her home along with her husband.

Families of the abductees have urged the Red Cross to take action to ensure the well-being of their loved ones, as some require regular medication. The release of this video was the first sign of life from abductees in a week, following the recent release of four other captives.

In ongoing efforts to secure the release of more captives, the head of the Mossad, Dedi Barnea, visited Qatar to engage in talks. The discussions included the possibility of increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza residents.

The IDF has significantly increased its presence in the Gaza Strip in recent days, deepening ground maneuvers. Forces have been deployed to "dismember" the Strip, aiming to isolate Hamas forces in the north and Gaza City from the rest of the territory. Clashes have occurred, resulting in the estimated death of many terrorists.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari affirmed that the offensive operations would continue and intensify, with direct contact between Israeli forces and terrorists. Several key Hamas officials and military figures were reportedly assassinated during these operations.

During the past day, approximately 600 targets in the Gaza Strip were attacked, including munitions depots and anti-tank missile firing positions. The IDF's approach to ground operations has created a fog of battle for Hamas, as Israel advances incrementally, making it challenging for the militant group to assess the situation accurately. The operation is characterized by a slower, more deliberate pace and is conducted under heavy enemy fire.



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