The average salary of Israeli workers in June was NIS 12,522 - 3% increase


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Sep 4, 2022

The average salary of Israeli workers  in June was NIS 12,522, 3% higher than the average salary in June of last year, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics published on Sunday. This is also an increase of about 4%-6% relative to the months of May and April, which indicated a downward trend in the average salary.
 It should be noted that in the month of June, many workers are paid recovery fees, so it cannot necessarily be concluded from this that there is a change in the trend. In addition, the real average salary - deducted from the monthly consumer price index was NIS 11,219, a decrease of 1.4% compared to June 2021, and the meaning is that the salary does not keep up with the price increases in the economy.
The data shows that the average salary of the workers in the high-tech sector was NIS 27,066, an increase of 8.1% compared to June 2021, but a very small increase of less than one percent compared to the month of May, when the average salary was NIS 26,878 - and this despite the payment of recovery fees this month. This is also an average monthly salary that is much lower than the record of about NIS 30,000 at the beginning of the year. From this figure it can be concluded that the average salary in high-tech actually continues the downward trend. The number of salaried jobs in the high-tech sector was 383.3 thousand, a very slight decrease compared to May 2022 (383.9 thousand). The salaried jobs in the high-tech sector were 9.6% of all the salaried jobs in the economy, similar to the month of May 2022.
When looking at the salary by sector within the high-tech industry, it can be seen that scientific research and development workers earned NIS 29,240 last June compared to NIS 30,185 in May and NIS 30,313 in April, and computer programming and consulting workers earned NIS 29,105 in June compared to NIS 28,594 in May and NIS 28,063 in April.
For the first time, the Central Bureau of Statistics published estimates for the following month (July) based on partial data. According to these data, the average salary of the Israeli workers in July, which also included workers who were paid the annual recovery fee, was NIS 12,117, an increase of 3.4% compared to July 2021.
According to the estimates, the number of salaried jobs of the total number of employees was 4.249 million, an increase of 5.2% compared to July 2021 (4.038 million) and an increase of 0.5% compared to June 2022 (4.226 million).
We will remind that due to the cancellation of the "package deal", the minimum wage in Israel will again be attached to the average wage in the economy starting from April 2023, and will be 47.5% of it. Therefore, if the trend of the increase in the average wage continues until the end of the year, the minimum wage is also expected to rise accordingly.
 Wage and employment index data are based on monthly reports by employers to the National Insurance Institute, and these reports do not include employees who receive unemployment benefits from the National Insurance Institute. The calculation of the average wage for a salaried position does not refer to the number of days per month in which the employee was employed.



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