Education ministry is looking into a possibility of shortening school week in dozens of localities


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Aug 16, 2022

The Ministry of Education is looking into the possibility of shortening the school week in dozens of kindergartens and canceling classes on Friday. This is a solution to the predicament of kindergartens in other institutions. Several weeks, the ministry announced that 117 kindergarteners are missing and the proposal is intended to provide a solution in cases where a kindergartener cannot be found. However, this is of course a precedent that may expand.
Last month, the Ministry of Education announced that 5,671 teaching staff are missing, of which 117 are kindergarten teachers. In the meantime, the number has been reduced to about 2,000 missing workers, but it seems that there is particular difficulty in locating gardeners. That's why the ministry, in collaboration with the local government center, prepared a proposal for a decision according to which in exceptional cases the school week in kindergartens will be shortened to five days and there will be no schooling on Fridays. A kindergartener's work week is five days, and the goal is to save working days for substitute kindergarteners on Fridays so that they can work during the week in other kindergartens that do not have a kindergartener at all.
This solution will require a decision by a district manager in the Ministry of Education and will only be applied if the alternative is closing a kindergarten. It seems very difficult to implement, among other things, because the Ministry of Education provides it with the consent of the parents, and it is likely that this will be very difficult to achieve. In any case, this is a very problematic precedent: if the shortage of kindergarteners worsens, it is likely that what will happen this year only in dozens of kindergartens may become a widespread phenomenon in the years to come and will also be done without parental consent.
The Ministry of Education stated in a statement that it is "turning every stone to provide appropriate answers to the existing shortage of teaching staff. In light of this, it is taking a series of steps and actions, which so far have led to the reduction of the shortage from approximately 6,000 to approximately 2,000 for the coming year and it is expected to continue to decrease. At this stage the Ministry is required To provide a specific response to cases in which the required manpower is not found in certain educational institutions. These measures will be given sparingly and after all options have been exhausted so as not to infringe on the children's right to receive appropriate educational services."



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