Israel has been taking unilateral civilian measures to help Gaza - Hamas refrained fighting


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Aug 14, 2022

It's been about eight months that the security establishment, led by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, has been taking unilateral civilian measures that facilitate the population in the Gaza Strip. As a result, there are encouraging initial signs of slight improvement in the broken economy under which the 2.2 million residents of the Gaza Strip live. The new policy is unilateral, regardless of the conduct of Hamas, nor following negotiations for a cease-fire following an operation or under any arrangement, as in the past.
On Sunday, reporters were presented with the main points of this approach, which is different from what has been recognized in the past decade in the Israeli blockade approach towards the Gaza Strip. This new policy faced its first significant test about a week ago, when Hamas did not join the round of fighting between the IDF and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Israel, for its part, hastened to reopen the Erez crossing to about 14,000 Gazan workers who work in Israel out of a quota of about 20,000. At this stage, according to a senior security source, this quota is not expected to increase until progress is demonstrated in the attempts to advance a deal for the return of the Israeli prisoners and missing persons from the hands of Hamas.
The new policy includes an increase in the number of Gazan workers who work in Israel at regular intervals but immediately each time, an increase in the scope of exports and imports from and to the Strip, including products that were previously stuck as processed food produced in Gaza, to the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria and an increase in the introduction of medicines and medical equipment into the Strip.
The policy also includes increasing the volume of water for Gazan farmers by an amount of about five million cubic meters, regulating the registration of the status of about 7,000 Gazans in the Palestinian population registry, in a way that will be recognized by Israel so that they can leave the Strip in the future subject to Israeli approval, introducing fertilizer to Gazan farmers subject to supervision Close of the United Nations and under the involvement of the Palestinian Authority and support for the establishment of three new residential neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip by the Egyptians.
The results that are already visible in the data of the last quarter, according to the coordinator of government operations in the territories, are a 5.5% decrease in unemployment in the Gaza Strip to 44.7%, an increase of about 14% in the employed in the Strip, a decrease of about 11% in the absolute amount of the unemployed and a slight increase in the average daily wage in the Strip Gaza, from NIS 60 to NIS 61.7. The 14,000 Gazan laborers who come to work in Israel earn at least NIS 7,000 per month, 6 times the average monthly wage in Gaza.
In terms of crossings, this year there was a 311% increase in the amount of movements at the Erez crossing with 672,000 times in which Gazans passed through the monitored crossing and at the Kerem Shalom crossing there was a 27% increase in the volume of exports to Israel. About 7,000 Gazans stayed in Israel during the three days of the "Dawn" operation due to the closure of the Erez crossing, and this stay ended without any unusual incidents.
"The new situation is causing a positive mood in the Strip, with signs of Gazans distancing themselves from Hamas, and already 250,000 Gazans have registered with Palestinian Authority officials in Gaza to be hired in Israel," Israeli security officials said. "Each approval is given after a strict security classification by the Shin Bet. For years we tried a different approach that brought us to the same place. In Judea and Samaria, at the same time, only a few hundred Shabaim ​​are entering to work in Israel following the activity along the seam line, and we are regulating the status of about 170,000 Palestinians from the West Bank so that they become legal Shabaim, those who will enter to work in Israel at the controlled crossings.
As for the Gaza Strip, the coordinator of the government's actions in the territories intends to start a pilot that will include the employment of several hundred Gazan women in Israel as part of the quota of 14,000 permits. In these weeks, sparingly, lathes for several new factories, including Coca Cola's, are also being brought into the Gaza Strip, after examination and approval by engineers in the Israeli security agencies.
In the meantime, Israeli security officials clarified that Hamas warned the Islamic Jihad not to enter into a conflict with Israel in the days before the latest operation, and made it clear to it that it would not intervene if a new round broke out. During the operation, four Hamas operatives were killed, but all were killed by Jihad rocket fire.
In the coming days, the Southern Command and the coordination of the government's actions in the territories will formulate a situation assessment that will be submitted to Defense Minister Gantz regarding the new policy, to examine whether it is worthwhile to continue against the background of the continued review of the ceasefire and the condition of the jihadist prisoner who is on intermittent hunger strike. The security establishment clarified that the issue of releasing the detainees, including the senior leader of the Jihad in Samaria Basim al-Saadi, was not on the table as a condition for the ceasefire, but Israel is expected to approve visits by UN officials. The security establishment also recognizes that the jihad is trying to minimize damage Following the operation in front of the Gazan public, in the form of grants of hundreds of dollars to Gazan families that were affected - also by the organization's fire.



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