Tel Aviv Labor Court rejected El Al's request to prohibit the pilots from cancelling flights


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Jun 17, 2022

The Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court rejected El Al's request for a temporary order, which would prohibit the company's pilots from taking organizational measures and ensure that the flight schedule was maintained as planned.
The request was made against the background of cancellations of many flights caused by management due to the pilots' claim to return their wage terms to those that were before the signing of a collective labor agreement in July 2020. This agreement was forced on the pilots, and included massive wage cuts. The pilots for their part claimed that they were complying with the employment agreements as they were.
The court's judge, Ariela Gilzer-Katz, ruled that both parties must conduct intensive negotiations for the next two weeks and report to the court every three days on the progress of the talks. The tribunal ordered the parties to abide by the employment agreements in good faith and to maintain a regular flight schedule. However, EL AL's request was denied at this stage, and the court will consider issuing the orders after the negotiations.
El Al pilots claim that their salaries have been cut by 31% and the ESL fees paid to them have been reduced by 39% as part of the recovery plan, without the workers in the other three sectors - maintenance, managers and stewards - receiving pay cuts. , With the exception of a 5% refund of the wage cut in 2026, and without taking into account market conditions and the company's situation - which has improved significantly in recent months in light of the rapid increase in demand for flights.
Since the pilot salary cut was a key component of EL AL's recovery plan to cut $ 150 million a year in its expenses, and since the recovery measures were a condition of the $ 314 million assistance ELL received from the state from September 2020 to the present, EL AL will be required to obtain Treasury approval. Return the pilots' employment conditions to their pre-Corona crisis level.
Another component in the undeclared labor dispute between the pilots' committee and the company's management and owners is the demand of the company's pilots to receive separate representation ("bargaining unit") and to effectively disengage from the Histadrut. This forced the pilots to have a work agreement in the summer of 2020 without involving them in discussions about the recovery plan, thus deviating from the mandate it received as a representative organization.
Dina Ben Tal Genensia, CEO of El Al, wrote last night in a letter to their employees that the company's management and controlling shareholders "are interested in resolving the crisis through dialogue, understanding, fairness and agreement." In this spirit, a far-reaching proposal was submitted to the negotiating table, which regulates in a gradual process the reduction in the salaries of air crew members, subject to the commitments we made in the recovery plan with the state.



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