Students will not be required to present negative corona test results entering schools


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Aug 25, 2021

The Ministry of Education clarified today (Wednesday) that according to the decision of the Corona Cabinet, students will not be required to present negative corona test results as a condition for entering kindergartens and schools with the opening of the school year this coming Wednesday.
Towards the start of the school year, parents will be called upon to test their children at home speed corona tests - but they are not required to do so. However, the ministry said they are encouraging parents to check on their children.

The rapid corona tests were supposed to be part of the "5 layers of protection" in the Ministry of Education's return to studies model. One of the layers of protection, the serological tests, collapsed this week with the decision to significantly reduce the tests, due to the low rate of positives found in the central localities. Now, it turns out that the instruction to check the students in the speed tests before the start of the school year is also not mandatory. Another layer of protection for the Ministry of Education is the pilot of green classrooms - which will be operated in about 200 schools - in which students will receive an exemption from isolation for frequent corona tests. At this stage, the pilot is being carried out in two schools in the ultra-Orthodox community - of which he failed in one of them, having transferred almost all students to distance learning following the increase in morbidity.
The ministry explained the decision in the Compulsory Education Act, which requires students to attend educational institutions. This explanation is puzzling, as the government could have led to a legislative amendment. In addition, in the previous school year, the Free Education Law did not change, and yet schooling was discontinued and moved to distance learning.
The ministry said that "parents are significant partners in the national effort to return Israeli students to schools and kindergartens and therefore we reiterate their call for cooperation in carrying out all necessary steps back to school, including rapid testing. The public will also enable the education system to maintain functional continuity, create stability and ensure a continuous and regular study routine for students. "
According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently about 30,000 students who are considered active Corona patients. About 45% of new patients each day are children up to the age of 18, and the highest rate of morbidity is among children of primary school age.



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