Israel president Rivlin: "Even if it's hard to agree on a path we have not lost the compass"


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Apr 15, 2021

Israel celebrates 73: This morning (Thursday), President Reuven Rivlin hosted for the last time during his tenure the event "All Israel from Jerusalem" and the ceremony of the 120 outstanding soldiers. Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi also attended the event, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz are not attending this year due to Corona restrictions.
Rivlin congratulated the outstanding soldiers. "My dear, I must say that I am excited to stand before you here today, for the last time as President. On this Independence Day you and you give us 120 reasons to be proud, 120 reasons to believe, 120 outstanding and outstanding, wonderful and wonderful, the tip of the tip, the top of the top. I look at you, "With the shining eyes, the excited breaths, the dewdrops of Hebrew youth dripping from you, and I know that even if we, as a people, seem to have a hard time agreeing on a path, we have not lost direction, we have not lost the compass," he said.

"It has not been an easy year, to say the least," President Rivlin said. "But I am optimistic. The virus has managed to remind us of the things that really matter. Mutual guarantee and joint mobilization for others are the foundation of our strong society."
He referred to the tribal speech he delivered in 2015 and said: "I did not intend to preach morality. I wanted to put a mirror in front of Israeli society and I did it in order to fight. We live here together, between our various tribes. Arabs, Jews, secular, religious. We worked very hard at home. "The president to deepen the acquaintance between the tribes and I hope that our success in the beginning will lead to an understanding that we are a country that also has tribes."
The ceremony began with a tribute of honor to the outstanding soldiers who represent the arms of the army. After him, the President and the Chief of Staff surveyed the 120 outstanding soldiers. The commanders of those soldiers recommended that they receive the Medal of Excellence from the President due to their significant service and outstanding contribution to the IDF and the State of Israel. Due to the guidelines of the struggle in Corona the continuation of the event was pre-recorded.
To the outstanding soldiers he said: "I am excited to stand before you here today for the last time as President. On this Independence Day you and you give us 120 reasons to be proud. You are the spearhead of the spearhead. Sometimes it is difficult to agree on a path, we have not lost direction. We have not lost the compass. We know very well that the IDF is also the gateway to Israeli society. We have to make sure it is open to everyone. "
In his speech, Chief of Staff Kochavi also referred to the division of the public in Israel: The first Hebrew sovereignty, during the First Temple period, disintegrated and split into two states, the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah. The tension between them weakened them and led to their collapse. The phenomenon recurred towards the end of the Second Temple period, during the Great Revolt against the Romans: while Titus' troops besieged Jerusalem from the outside, the Jewish warriors refused to unite from within, and as tribalism prevailed over nationalism, the Romans defeated the Jews.
"The digital revolution that brought great blessings to the world also carries with it unplanned consequences. One of them is the splitting of society into many distinct resonant boxes, in which we are repeatedly exposed to similarities to us, the tribes. The new digital tribes, full of rage and not facts, crumble cohesion. Of many companies around the world, and threaten to do the same in Israel. "



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