Israel cancels the total lockdown gradually - Most kindergartens open this morning


by Ifi Reporter Category:Government Oct 17, 2020

Israel leaves the lockdown after four weeks, although this has been done gradually. More than a month after the closure of the kindergartens, from Sunday morning will be reopened in most authorities - as part of the first phase of the exit from the second closure. But the departure this time is expected to be particularly long, and many restrictions are still in place. At the same time, the enforcement dilemma arises in the ultra-Orthodox cities, where Talmud Torah is expected to open - despite the ban.
This morning, day care centers and kindergartens will open from birth to age 6. However, in some authorities, kindergartens and daycare centers will only open on Mondays. In Tel Aviv, Ness Ziona and possibly in other authorities, the children will not come to the kindergartens on Friday but will study in zoom, in order to reduce the risk of infection.
Alongside the gardens, the workplaces without crowds will also be opened, self-collection from restaurants (takeaways) will be possible and nature reserves, national parks and beaches will be opened (even though the bathing season has already ended). In addition, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall plaza and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher will be opened for prayer in an outline that has not yet been determined.
Apart from that, the restriction on leaving the house will be removed and the ban on visiting other houses will be lifted, provided that the congestion limit is met. It remained the same - up to 20 people in the open space and up to 10 people in a closed space. In addition, it will be possible to train athletes in ball games in the high leagues.
Alongside this, it was decided that some “bright-red” cities would be declared restricted areas and restrictions on them would continue until Wednesday of this week. These are Bnei Brak (from Jabotinsky Street and south), Modi'in Illit, Beitar Illit, Elad Rechasim and several neighborhoods in Jerusalem (Ramat Shlomo, Ramat Eshkol, Maalot Dafna and Mersdorf).
In those authorities, the opening of kindergartens was approved, despite the morbidity data. The senior ultra-Orthodox leader, Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky, however, ordered that Talmud Torah be opened as well - despite the ban on opening elementary schools.
"I call on the ultra-Orthodox public and its leaders not to do this," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a briefing last night. "We followed the health staff's recommendation to open the gardens in the red cities. We explicitly said there should be no opening beyond that."
In any case, many restrictions are still in force. Elementary and high schools continue to study in Zoom. According to the plan, first- to fourth-grade students will continue to study for at least another two weeks remotely, while in the other strata, the study of Zoom may continue until the beginning of 2021.
The Corona Cabinet is expected to convene in the middle of next week to discuss the next steps in the outline of exit quarantine. In fact to date the Corona Cabinet has approved only the first phase of the exit outline and has not approved - even in principle - the other 8 phases. Blue and White will demand at the cabinet meeting to approve the entire plan, including small adjustments such as earlier opening of B & Bs and hotels: a demand raised by Tourism Minister Orit Farkash HaCohen and rejected at the Corona Cabinet meeting on Thursday.
Shas is pushing to approve a special outline for weddings at the cabinet meeting. After Aryeh Deri's proposal for a 200-person wedding outline was rejected outright, the chairman of the Yaakov Constitution Committee, Shas, proposed a compromise outline - a 40-person wedding outline in two capsules: And 20 on behalf of the bride, and food in five-course meals. The Prime Minister's Office has denied reports that such an outline is being agreed.
Deri himself claims that allowing weddings with the participation of 20 people as allowed today is not a feasible thing. "Why would thousands be able to participate in demonstrations and spend time on beaches and 200 people not be able to participate in a canopy that will be held in an open area with spaces and capsules?", He said.
The second phase, according to the Ministry of Health's exit plan, which is due to begin on November 1, is conditional on a reduction to 1,000 infections per day, along with an infection factor lower than 0.8. According to expert estimates, we will reach at least a thousand infected people this week. The second phase includes the opening of first-fourth grades, non-medical treatments and complementary medicine.
In the later stages and in accordance with the morbidity data, cultural and leisure events, conferences and exhibitions are also expected to reopen, and only later - not before the end of January in an layout that has not yet been approved - event gardens and banquet halls. Sports events with an audience? These are not expected to take place before the beginning of February.



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